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20 U.S. Senators attended  Enzi funeral – unprecedented

Friday’s funeral service for former U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi left no doubt about the amazingly high regard in which he was held in by his fellow U. S. senators. He was loved and respected by his Senate colleagues as he was loved and respected by the peo...


My vision of revision

Recently I was listening to a person I respect on many fronts, about how there are those in power trying to push revisionism of history. To me, southern boy and Virginian born guy that I am, I... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, This letter is to inform the town of Riverside that, as of July 30, 2021, I will no longer serve on the town council as a council member. My resignation is due to several things that have been done that I did not agree with and,...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    July 28, 2021

Goodbye 133, Hello 134

Well, here it is. The final issue of Volume No. 134, which marks 133 years the Saratoga Sun has been serving the Platte Valley. I’m not sure if other newspaper editors pay this close attention to...


The Joke is on me

I love music, but I can’t play a thing on any instrument, not counting chopsticks on a piano. Even then, my version is pretty shaky. I took drum lessons when I was 14, but I quickly learned I... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    July 14, 2021

Just a few more changes …

What’s this? The Saratoga Sun changed format, again? If you’re reading the print edition of the Saratoga Sun this week, you’ll notice a change to how things have been the past few months. As man... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    July 14, 2021

Travel near national parks  features crowds and construction

Confused Asians, crazy drunk van drivers, monstrous RVs, nervous semi drivers, and thousands (perhaps millions) of tourists were among the highlights of a recent trip to Jackson and Pinedale. We were headed north on Highway 287 to Jackson to attend...

 By Mike Armstrong    Opinion    July 7, 2021

Comic book connections

It is sometimes really difficult to narrow down the subject matter for a column. Without a doubt, I have my drought periods trying to think of what to write about but, often enough, I have a couple...


After the party, it's time to clean up

Independence Day has passed and the largest party in Saratoga every summer has concluded. From the Festival of the Arts to the Old Fashioned Family Carnival to, yes, even Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band headlining Saratoga Days it... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    July 7, 2021

Liz Cheney for President? Destiny calls.

Right now, there is a clear path ahead for Liz Cheney, and it does not involve the state of Wyoming. She will deny this. And she may not even believe it now.  And for the rest of this year, she will continue to represent us to the best of her...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    June 30, 2021

Please celebrate safely

This weekend, many of us will be celebrating the 245th birthday of the United States of America. Traditionally, this national holiday is filled with barbecues, fireworks, parades and concerts and...

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    June 30, 2021

Uden murder mystery solved – some day we will learn about Amy Bechtel

(Note: The Oxygen Cable TV network on Monday night aired a new documentary on the 1980 murders of Virginia Uden and her sons. It will be aired repeatedly on into the future.) Back in 2013, I wrote: “After 33 years of one cold case and 16 years for...


Happy Birthday America

Wow, it is hot outside. It has cracked 90 a couple times in the past few days. I love it. There are a million reasons I love warm weather in Wyoming, not the least of which is I don’t like bitter...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    June 16, 2021

Hit the brakes or reduce speed?

It is really quite interesting how one’s perspective affects their experiences. While I was not absent from the pages of the Saratoga Sun last week, I was absent from the office itself. I had... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    June 16, 2021

Poverty of time describes these go-go and rush-rush times

“Time sure does change things,” said an airline passenger to his companion. “When I was a boy, I used to sit in a flat-bottomed boat on that lake down there below and fish.  Every time a plane flew over I’d look up and wish I were in it....

 By Mike Armstrong    Opinion    June 9, 2021

Internet is losing its luster

It is hard to believe the internet has been in my life only a little over 20 years. I started using it when I moved to Australia and set up my hotmail account. Not everyone I know had an account, but...


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