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 By Ken Paulson    Opinion    March 17, 2021

Open government is key to honest government

When government fails, it’s the rare public official who says, “Oops. My fault.” That’s human nature, particularly for officials in the public eye who may have to run for office again. No one wants to be held directly responsible for letting... Full story


The rabbit hole is scary

A little over a week ago, I was getting out of the shower and I saw something that unsettled me; a dime sized black patch on my back. I had never noticed it before and, because it was the size it...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    March 3, 2021

Red light, green light

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Saratoga needs traffic lights. I’ll wait for you to calm down from that statement before I continue.  Take a couple deep breaths, maybe look at this week’s...


Not so green energy?

Dear Editor, The arctic air mass that descended on Texas vividly illustrated the future of our country with the renewed push by leftists to cripple our capitalist economies. Subsidized renewable energy investments embraced by electricity generating...

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    March 3, 2021

Modern Wyoming parable: Who moved my severance tax cheese?

Wyoming’s current economic situation reminds me of the famous business book Who Moved My Cheese? After living off severance taxes from the energy industry for half a century, the Cowboy State is enduring a time when the state is trying to maintain...


How did they do it?

A couple weeks back, I was in the town of Elk Mountain and a snow squall was making my departure back to Hanna seriously questionable. I guess I have to acknowledge, my trusty white Mazda is not exact...


What were they thinking? First principles of American Constitutionalism

"Tis funny about th' constitution," said Mr. Dooley, the legendary, philosophical Irish bartender created by Finley Peter Dunne. "It reads plain, but no wan can undherstant it without an...


Ban won't hurt mitigation

Dear Editor A ban on federal oil and gas leasing in Wyoming could indeed push oil and gas companies to lease and develop more state and private land eventually. After 32 years as a habitat and mitigation biologist though, I have to say, concluding...


Dumb idea with bad timing: canceling  newspaper published legal notices

Using both tight budgets and a Covid pandemic as excuses, the dumb idea of limiting printed public notices in Wyoming newspapers has reared its ugly head again in the Legislature in Cheyenne.  Wyoming citizens should be both outraged at this... Full story


Public notices must remain accessible

When the Wyoming Legislature reconvenes in March, the perennial battle to keep public notices in Wyoming newspapers will return as well.  On February 4, the Senate Corporation Committee voted 4-1 to advance to the Wyoming Senate legislation that... Full story


Parachutes or boots on the ground?

It’s a warm, fall afternoon. Summer doesn’t feel quite over, but school is in session. Students are watching the clock on the wall wishing for it to move faster and end the school day. As the...


Kiwanis rink closes

Dear Editor, Platte Valley Kiwanis would like to thank the community and all those who supported our ice skating rink project this winter! The ice rink could not have been possible without generous support from American Legion, Bridge Street...


Recognizing women

"... Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels." ~ Ann Richards It's been more than 150 years since Wyoming gave all women the right to vote and... Full story


Tired of plague and politics?  How about some good news! 

Enough already. Enough about politics. Enough about the deadly virus. Enough about complaining. Today, folks, this column will be totally devoted to GOOD NEWS. And there is plenty of it. First of all, the days are getting longer. Our long winter of...


Liz Cheney puts Trump in her rear-view mirror

The shocking sight of Wyoming’s lone U. S. Representative voting to impeach President Donald Trump was devastating to thousands of Cowboy State residents. Wyoming supported Trump to a larger extent than any other state, with more than 70% of its... Full story


Chamber kudos

Dear Editor, It has been six years since I attended an ice fishing derby. This year I volunteered to help with registration Saturday morning. With Stacy Crimmins being the director for so many years, you expect to see a few glitches for a first...


Tears for America

It was almost a no-brainer what I was going to write for my column this week. 2020 was tough for me as I know it has been for so many people in the county, state, country and world. I lost my mother i... Full story


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