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Founded on mature decisions

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. ~ Malcolm X If meetings of the Saratoga Town Council w... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    May 6, 2020

So, what will you remember about the Pandemic of 2020?

As a journalist, covering the pandemic has been possibly the biggest story of my life. That is the main thing I will remember about this crazy period. I reached out to some other interesting folks and asked them what they will remember: World...


Plea to Governor Gordon

Dear Governor Gordon, May I ask who cuts your hair? I assume someone in Cheyenne - or someplace close to there. When I see you on the TV your hair looks mighty good. If I just knew who dun’ that I think mine also could. Indeed, it is a long ol...


Flabbergasted by funds

Dear Editor, Well, here I go again, or should I say here we go again. I stood in front of the last administration in August 2017 and told the town council then they had a terrible track record of failed or incomplete projects at considerable financia...


Freedom to have a plan

Freedom is a word that Americans take to heart. I was brought up to believe it was an essential right to being a U.S. citizen by my father and worth fighting for. I remember him telling me that... Full story


ICOW supports R-CALF USA

Dear Editor, With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, those unfamiliar with the workings of the beef industry were shocked to learn that Beef Packers were charging large increases for boxed beef and that, at the same time, had dropped the prices they...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    April 22, 2020

Not writing 'King Lear'? Cut yourself some slack

Have you been making constructive use of your time at home? Did you learn a new language, teach yourself how to make the perfect omelette or figure out how to play the 12-string guitar? Did you know... Full story


Share your story

Dear Editor, Now, when we are stuck at home, is the time—the perfect time—to reflect and think about your and your family’s history. There are valuable stories and pictures just waiting for you. You think there is not anything interesting to...


Expanding the family history book

Dear Editor, One of my favorite books in the Saratoga Museum is “Saratoga and Encampment Wyoming: An album of Family History.” Residents, tourists and researchers use this reference to the Platte Valley to explore and learn about their families....


Take it seriously even if you will never know for sure

My last column was about me being sick and waiting for my advised quarantine to be over. It was still early in how hard COVID-19 was hitting the country and there were some folks who were suggesting t... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    April 15, 2020

Thank you to our heroes in the age of COVID-19

Face it, we are living in unusual times. Probably the craziest times of our lives. The COVID-19 coronavirus has turned our personal lives, our towns, our state, our country and our world upside down. Folks that we all took for granted just three...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    April 8, 2020

Finding the silver lining

It can be all too easy, in times like this, to focus on the negative. I’ve been guilty of it myself, especially as I watch the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the state tick... Full story

 By Janet Seahorn    Opinion    April 8, 2020

You can't quarantine joy

Several days ago, while watching the endless news about coronavirus I heard a newscaster say something that has stuck with me, "You can't quarantine tears". As I thought about this, even when trying...


Drastic times, drastic measures

Dear Editor, Over the last several decades the world has witnessed a spate of new health threats in the format of SARS, HIV, Ebola, Bird flu, Swine flu. All of these in the form of highly communicable diseases which at one time have threatened the...


Social distancing suggestions

Dear Editor, Our world is dealing with an unprecedented time that has not been seen in generations, if ever. We are being asked to do things we would never consider as normal–social distancing being the most prominent. There is no one immune from...


Be Smart, Be Safe

I guess, in a way, I am glad I went through the experience of living in Taiwan through the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic in Taiwan back in 2003. It made me understand how serious...


Public involvement is critical

Dear Editor, Do we citizens of Carbon County want the Federal Government to have total control over our natural resources? Fishing, hunting, agriculture, ranching, energy, recreation, water, air, mineral, timber, our economy (to name a few) are our...


CCVC here to help

Dear Editor, Tourism is a growing industry in Carbon County. Carbon County’s tourism growth and economic change has been exciting and impressive over the last seven years. Carbon County not only provides temporary housing to industry workers but...

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    April 1, 2020

Keeping news outlets alive during this Coronavirus era

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated – famous quote by Mark Twain concerning American press reports of his demise while on a speaking tour in Europe in 1897. And like Mark Twain, reports of the death of media are also wildly...


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