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Shanghai: then and now

Nothing has prepared for me to see pictures of Shanghai, the city I lived in for five years, in a lockdown state which have been showing up the past couple weeks on different news outlets. One in...


The Age Disconnect

I am getting ready to hit one of those birthdays I always thought meant I was old, but am now reevaluating.  This is not my first time doing something like this. I can remember at 18 feeling sorry... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    April 7, 2022

Blink and you'll miss it

When I was younger, I used to wonder what it would be like to time travel. The ability to go backwards or forwards through time was such an exciting concept and I had a mental list of all the places... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    March 31, 2022

Woes followed Big Nose George

Okay, so who was Big Nose George? This legendary character from Wyoming’s formative past has been written about extensively for the past 141 years, but never has anyone really put the whole story all together until now. Dr. Mark E. Miller’s new...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    March 24, 2022

Do we have a 'Free Speech Problem'?

Does America have a “Free Speech Problem”? It probably depends on who you ask. If you ask the New York Times’ editorial board, it certainly does. In a March 18, 2022 column (“America Has a Fre...


Wyo Laffs Apologizes

Dear Saratoga Chamber of Commerce and citizens of Saratoga,   Wyo Laffs was hired to be the entertainment at your annual banquet on Thursday March 10th.   During Don’s performance many of your members were offended by his jokes. This was your...


Leaders don't always represent the people

When you live in an international city like Shanghai, it is likely you are going to meet a lot different folk from different countries. Because there is a mix of companies from all over the world... Full story


Welcome to Thursday

If you received your newspaper on a Thursday, there’s no need to worry. The mail wasn’t late this week. Instead, this week marks the Saratoga Sun’s return to Thursday publication. We have switched to a new printer, one in eastern Wyoming, in... Full story


The dangers of tribalism

Editor, World peace remains elusive, thus raising the question of whether it is possible. Even peace within our country is in question. For tribalism is continuing to tear us apart. Unless we learn to view and treat each other each other with...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    March 9, 2022

The only constant is change

To say the photo used for my column in the Saratoga Sun is outdated would be a bit of an understatement. In October 2021, I made the decision to finally commit to my balding and began shaving my...


Ode to the stepfather

I found out Tuesday morning I was an orphan. The last of my four parents had passed away quietly at 5:45 a.m. Although I had been warned by a nurse the day before my stepfather’s end was possibly ap...


Alternate I-80 could save $1 million a day if road stays open

Did you know that when Interstate 80 is closed for weather, that US 30 next door is automatically closed, too? This is to prevent the 8,000 semi-trailer trucks a day from storming that more narrow, more local highway as an alternate route. The... Full story


Waxing poetic

SUPER BOWL HALFTIME “SHOW” Did you happen to see that halftime “Show”? At least they called it that. It did not make much sense to me. I thought it just fell flat. I did not understand it - that football halftime show. Those folks were...


Americans should never accept the Strongman

One of the hardest things for me to do right now is read the news coming out of China. I cannot believe a country that was turning into a world partner has taken the opposite road. About a decade...


What kind of political stew will occur in Wyoming in 2022?

This year 2022 was, once upon a time, shaping up to be one of the most interesting political years in memory. The last big election year like this, back in 2018, was a doozy, with three governor candidates spending over $2 million each, plus we saw... Full story


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