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The spring in Wyoming's step

There are a few sure signs of springtime in Wyoming. Of course, with the oddly winterlike conditions we have had (interspersed with rare spots of sunshine) lately, it is kind of hard to believe...


A party for the generations

This being the time where many students are graduating from high school and college, I guess I have some words of advice for a person who has been around for a bit. Recently I was invited to a cocktai... Full story


Gossip, no. Meetings, yes

Editor, I went to the Town Council meeting at the Community Center last week. I am appalled and frightened with the division in our community over the Clinic. If you are a pot stirrer please sign your name to your verbiage and argue with whoever in...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    June 5, 2019

Columns, editorials and news are not the same

Newspapers have a long history of being watchdogs for government, whether it is the White House or Town Hall. To be able to serve in that capacity, the readers of any newspaper should be able to...


Hospital a boondoggle?

Dear Editor, I have been trying to keep up with the banter regarding the project. From what I have surmised from all of it is that this is a big boondoggle where a big fancy new complex will be built in Saratoga. From my understanding, it will be...


Healthcare a concern for the entire Valley

Editor, When issues surrounding the Platte Valley Medical Clinic began publicly last fall, I attended a Saratoga town meeting and I was dismayed to learn most all the discussions and possible...

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 29, 2019

I call shenanigans

I want to apologize for the paper being late last week. Apparently the delivery driver felt it was unsafe for him to bring us our papers in a timely manner. Don’t worry. I let the organization we...

 By Mike Armstrong    Opinion    May 22, 2019

There is no substitute for a sister

I have always said that my parents may not have lasted very long together (about five years), but they created one of my best friends when my sister was born. I don’t think I realized it when she fi... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    May 15, 2019

Making time for meetings

A common frustration, expressed from town to town, is the inconvenient scheduling of public meetings. Whether on social media, over lunch or in conversation at the post office, the complaint is... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 8, 2019

Back it up

Apparently, if you write a column about how everyone should be nice to one another, you will be tested. I had a situation recently in which I either backed up my pretty talk or proved myself a hypocri... Full story


Tourism a good return on investment

Editor, As the second-largest industry in the state, it’s no surprise that tourism is big business in Wyoming. During 2018, Wyoming welcomed more than 8.9 million overnight visitors who spent more than $3.8 billion dollars in our state, while...


Your towns need you to vote 'yes'

On May 7, the Carbon County voters will head to the polls to make a decision on the One Percent Specific Purpose Sales and Use Tax, more commonly known as the 6th penny tax. It’s hardly popular to advocate for a tax, but we at the Saratoga Sun... Full story


The future of local healthcare and your part in it

We at the Saratoga Sun would like to applaud the Healthcare Sustainability Project Subcommittee (HSPS) for their efforts in trying to usher in a workable healthcare system. It is not just that the group is trying to bring a better medical facility... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    April 17, 2019

'Know bodies' read the paper

Nobody reads the paper. While this statement, for the most part, seems to be made without any ill intent—it doesn’t reduce the sting to those who work for a newspaper. It is no secret that the... Full story


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