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After the party, it's time to clean up

Independence Day has passed and the largest party in Saratoga every summer has concluded. From the Festival of the Arts to the Old Fashioned Family Carnival to, yes, even Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band headlining Saratoga Days it... Full story


Pickett Park must be built

This summer will mark 13 years since Staff Sergeant Tyler Pickett lost his life to a suicide bomber in Iraq. Since then, the promise of a memorial park for the Saratoga High School graduate has gone unfulfilled.  Hopefully, that will be changing soo... Full story


Thank you for your public service

It’s not easy serving the public. This was made clear on April 6, when Bob Keel resigned his position from the Saratoga Town Council. Keel, in his resignation letter, stated that he was choosing his family over the council. The Saratoga Sun... Full story


Public notices must remain accessible

When the Wyoming Legislature reconvenes in March, the perennial battle to keep public notices in Wyoming newspapers will return as well.  On February 4, the Senate Corporation Committee voted 4-1 to advance to the Wyoming Senate legislation that... Full story


Recognizing women

"... Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels." ~ Ann Richards It's been more than 150 years since Wyoming gave all women the right to vote and... Full story


Legals: A light in the shadows

Wyoming legislators, under the guise of “cost saving measures” for local governments, are again attempting to remove vital legal notices from the pages of your local newspaper. Though the Wyoming Legislature is not in session and many legislators... Full story


Want change? Run for office

The date of the 2020 Primary Election draws ever closer and, soon, voters will be going to the ballot to make their choice on who they want to move forward to the General Election to represent them. While there are plenty of choices on the national... Full story


Notices will stay ... for now

Last month, the Saratoga Sun informed our readers of three pieces of legislation that had made their way through the House of Representatives and were headed to the Senate (see “Your right to know is at stake” on page 4 of the February 19... Full story


Your right to know is at stake

Much like a bad penny, attempts by the Wyoming Legislature to remove public notices from the pages of Wyoming newspapers, and leading to less informed constituents, have returned. Despite the failure of three similar bills last year, these... Full story


The Sun thanks you

It has been said that a community needs its newspaper. This is true. The community often depends upon its local paper from coverage of high school sports to reporting on the actions of the town council and everything in between. The newspaper, in... Full story


An appropriate response

We at the Saratoga Sun would like to applaud Hanna Marshal Jeff Neimark and extend to him our gratitude. Last week, the Sun reported on an incident that took place in Medicine Bow involving an armed suspect. For approximately 20 years, this small... Full story


An economical idea

For quite some time, it has been apparent that one of the major economic drivers for Saratoga and the Upper North Platte Valley has been tourism. While both the extraction and energy industries have been top employers in the area, many locals are emp... Full story


Some Halloween tips

While the snow we keep on receiving makes it appear that winter cut the line ahead of fall, we are still very much in the autumn season. Next week, Valley residents should prepare themselves for quite a fright. Ghosts, goblins and ghouls will be out...


Fondly remembered

We lost a fine soul last weekend. Keith McLendon was more than an employee at a newspaper. He was a staunch supporter of the community and an advocate for his employees. Keith won numerous awards for his service and artistic abilities, but it was...


A Saratoga disaster

On Friday, the Saratoga Care Center held its annual federally mandated disaster drill which involved the complete evacuation of the facility, a bomb going off, two woundings, a fatality and a hostage. At last year’s drill, members of the Saratoga... Full story


An ounce of prevention ...

Chances are, by the time this editorial is being read, Saratoga will be “in the clear” as far as threat of flooding. With the alternating of warm and cool weather, the amount of run-off from the mountains into the North Platte River has been... Full story


Your towns need you to vote 'yes'

On May 7, the Carbon County voters will head to the polls to make a decision on the One Percent Specific Purpose Sales and Use Tax, more commonly known as the 6th penny tax. It’s hardly popular to advocate for a tax, but we at the Saratoga Sun... Full story


The future of local healthcare and your part in it

We at the Saratoga Sun would like to applaud the Healthcare Sustainability Project Subcommittee (HSPS) for their efforts in trying to usher in a workable healthcare system. It is not just that the group is trying to bring a better medical facility... Full story


In government we trust?

How much do you trust the government to police itself? This last election cycle, transparency was a big talking point for everyone from the gubernatorial candidates down to municipal positions. Upon being elected, Governor Mark Gordon even organized...


No place for poor sportsmanship

Our local youths can be at their best when they play sports. They sacrifice their time and sweat to practice. They keep their grades up. They give their heart and soul to their team and the prospect of winning. They learn sportsmanship and teamwork....


Powerful pennies

It’s hard to advocate for a tax. Much less two. However, we at the Saratoga Sun feel that both the One Percent Sales and Use Tax (also known as the 5th Penny Tax) and the Two Percent Lodging Tax should overwhelmingly be passed once again. Fifth...


An explosive idea

Medicine Bow recently demonstrated what we at the Saratoga Sun feel is a good idea. The town allowed children and adults alike to play with fireworks. The reason this was allowed is that the county, despite having a fireworks ban, cedes authority to...


Caring enough to participate

School is out, Memorial Day has passed and summer has arrived in an even numbered year. This signals, among other things, the beginning of the campaign season for elections. The deadline for filing as a candidate in the midterm primary elections was...


Update and clarify

Title 18, the municipal code that dictates zoning, is a bit of a mess. Much of it hasn’t been updated since it was adopted nearly 40 years ago. Along with the outdated language and standards, one also has to deal with definitions that vary from...


Change in the Good Times Valley

Thanks to the voters, the Saratoga Town Municipality will realize quite a transformation Tuesday. Three new members will be sworn in to serve our community – E.J. Glode as mayor and Will Faust and Richard Raymer as councilpersons. This will be the...


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