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 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    March 25, 2020 

The rapid pace of change

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with everything that’s been going on recently? Well, you’re not alone. When I left the office on March 13, I probably should’ve taken the hint...

 By Dana Davis    Opinion    March 25, 2020 

Toilet Paper Panic

I have talked about toilet paper more in the past week than I have probably ever before in my life! The COVID-19 virus does not even have symptoms that would require the use of extra toilet paper....


The coronavirus: Pandemic? Overreaction? Government inside job?

By Dr. Dean Bartholomew I personally and professionally have struggled with how to think about the novel 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Let me share with you where I am with COVID-19: It is a...


Mental health in the time of COVID-19

By now, we have all seen the news and heard countless coverage on the COVID-19 situation. However, there is something else that is spreading among us, and that is fear. The amount of emotional and mental energy fear and worry take is quite...


How do you say goodbye to your mother

When I was living in Taiwan, my awesome stepmother passed away and I felt a major loss. My father had died a couple years before, so that parental group was gone out of my life. They both died fairly...


Tourism worth investing in

Editor, In response to the article by Mike Armstrong,”A Missed Opportunity” I would like to support both Mr. Armstrong’s reporting and the members of the CCVC as well as other tourism partners. As Bill Sniffen noted in “Tourism is a runaway...


Notices will stay ... for now

Last month, the Saratoga Sun informed our readers of three pieces of legislation that had made their way through the House of Representatives and were headed to the Senate (see “Your right to know is at stake” on page 4 of the February 19... Full story

 By Bill Sniffin    Opinion    March 4, 2020

Tourism is runaway success story for the Cowboy State

During the course of my business career, our companies have published and distributed over four million magazines promoting tourism in the Cowboy State. My first magazine was started in 1970 called Big Mountain Country that sang the praises for my... Full story


Helping Hand Mindset

Growing up I lived in some small towns in Texas but, even then, they were in close proximity to Houston. When my folks moved to the D.C. area, my father had us live in suburbs. My mother liked living...


Your right to know is at stake

Much like a bad penny, attempts by the Wyoming Legislature to remove public notices from the pages of Wyoming newspapers, and leading to less informed constituents, have returned. Despite the failure of three similar bills last year, these... Full story


Tis truly the season to be careful

I have been sending out quite a lot of emails to friends in Asia telling them to be careful as the current coronavirus keeps taking its toll. I actually know of one person who was in Wuhan that caught it in December but China wasn’t acknowledging... Full story


In Memory of Carrie Craig

Dear loyal readers: Please indulge me this week as I pay tribute to a former Sun employee and "adopted daughter"-Carrie Ann Craig who recently passed away at the too young age of 63. Carrie was a...


Accepting awards and accolades

The Saratoga Sun recently went to the 121st Wyoming Press Association and won 10 Pacemaker Awards. On a weekend in which we are able to meet and visit with our peers, getting recognized for the hard... Full story


The Larger Than Life Personality

I was a tyke when I first started watching Jonny Quest. For those who don’t know this cartoon (which I think is near impossible) it came on TV in 1964. It was not the first time a cartoon was in pri... Full story


Investing in your hometown

“How strange it is to view a town you grew up in, not in wonderment through the eyes of youth, but with the eyes of a historian on the way things were.” ~ Marvin Allan Williams A couple weeks... Full story


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