About The Saratoga Sun

Established in 1888, the Saratoga Sun is the official newspaper of Saratoga, Wyoming, and surrounding areas including Encampment, Riverside and Ryan Park.

The Saratoga Sun is in its 136th year of publication and is located in downtown Saratoga. The Saratoga Sun has been housed in the same building since 1982 and has been owned by its current publisher, Gary Stevenson, since 1994.

With a circulation of 1,700, the Saratoga Sun keeps residents and visitors up-to-date on local news and events.

A little history about the Saratoga Sun:

The Saratoga Sun was originally to be a daily paper. The first issue of the Saratoga Daily Sun was published on July 4, 1891. The second edition came out 10 days later.

George Canis, the publisher, sold the Sun in 1902 to J.F. Crawford.

J.F. Crawford was the second president of the Wyoming Press Assocation.

Crawford then purchased the rival newspaper, The Platte Valley Lyre, which had been renamed the Saratoga State Record, and combined the two papers.

The Platte Valley Lyre, which was started by the Huntington sisters, was established in 1888. With the two papers now combined into one, the Saratoga Sun has been the Platte Valley Newspaper since 1888.

Crawford owned the Saratoga Sun for a number of years.

In 1918, the Saratoga Sun was owned by R.I. Martin and in 1921 was co-owned by R.I. Martin and Son.

The son of R.I. Martin, R.D. Martin, became sole owner in 1939. In 1968, the newspaper was purchased by Clifford Hamilton and R. Richard (Dick) Perue. In 1974, Perue became sole owner of the Saratoga Sun.

Perue sold the paper to M.D. Lindsey in 1982. Lindsey owned the Saratoga Sun until it was sold to its current owner, Gary Stevenson.

The Sun is just one of 11 papers established before Wyoming was a state and still publishing today.