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  • An ounce of prevention ...

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jun 26, 2019

    Chances are, by the time this editorial is being read, Saratoga will be “in the clear” as far as threat of flooding. With the alternating of warm and cool weather, the amount of run-off from the mountains into the North Platte River has been fairly regulated. Despite that there was still some risk of flooding for the area. Over the weekend of June 14, the smokebusters from the Newcastle Honor Conservation Camp came to the Valley and filled over 9,000 sandbags. This, combined with the 2,000 sandbags that were already filled, came to a total of... Full story

  • Your towns need you to vote 'yes'

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|May 1, 2019

    On May 7, the Carbon County voters will head to the polls to make a decision on the One Percent Specific Purpose Sales and Use Tax, more commonly known as the 6th penny tax. It’s hardly popular to advocate for a tax, but we at the Saratoga Sun feel that the importance of the 6th penny cannot be overstated. The improvement of inadequate infrastructure, especially aging water and sewer lines, will be on the line for several municipalities. For many towns, the 6th penny tax is the best option to fund these projects. As its name implies, the 6th p... Full story

  • The future of local healthcare and your part in it

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Apr 24, 2019

    We at the Saratoga Sun would like to applaud the Healthcare Sustainability Project Subcommittee (HSPS) for their efforts in trying to usher in a workable healthcare system. It is not just that the group is trying to bring a better medical facility and high quality doctors, nurses and staff to the Valley, it is the way they have gone about it. Representation The HSPS has done a good job representing the entire Valley in choosing their members. Leslie McLinskey is on the subcommittee to represent the Riverside/Encampment part of the Valley and... Full story

  • In government we trust?

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Feb 20, 2019

    How much do you trust the government to police itself? This last election cycle, transparency was a big talking point for everyone from the gubernatorial candidates down to municipal positions. Upon being elected, Governor Mark Gordon even organized a transparency committee to find ways that the State of Wyoming could be more open and available to constituents and taxpayers. When the 65th Wyoming Legislature convened, however, three bills aimed at limiting transparency were introduced. These bills, in one way or another, attempted to limit...

  • No place for poor sportsmanship

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jan 16, 2019

    Our local youths can be at their best when they play sports. They sacrifice their time and sweat to practice. They keep their grades up. They give their heart and soul to their team and the prospect of winning. They learn sportsmanship and teamwork. They also learn respect. In short, our student athletes learn all kinds of valuable lessons from the game. It is a shame that they also learn how petty adults can be. Not in our Paper The Saratoga Sun Facebook page bore a glaring example of that pettiness and poor sportsmanship lately. On our...

  • Powerful pennies

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Oct 10, 2018

    It’s hard to advocate for a tax. Much less two. However, we at the Saratoga Sun feel that both the One Percent Sales and Use Tax (also known as the 5th Penny Tax) and the Two Percent Lodging Tax should overwhelmingly be passed once again. Fifth Penny It is not often a state with a small population has an opportunity to fund infrastructure improvement or vital services with a good portion of out-of-state monies. Roughly a third of the One Percent Sales and Use Tax is paid by visitors to Carbon County. Honestly, this sales tax goes largely u...

  • An explosive idea

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jul 18, 2018

    Medicine Bow recently demonstrated what we at the Saratoga Sun feel is a good idea. The town allowed children and adults alike to play with fireworks. The reason this was allowed is that the county, despite having a fireworks ban, cedes authority to a municipality to have fireworks if set off by appropriately trained individuals. Medicine Bow Fire Chief Peter Andrews asked for, and got, permission from the Medicine Bow Town Council to attend Fireworks School. Fireworks School is a two-day program that teaches the proper safety techniques for ha...

  • Caring enough to participate

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jun 20, 2018

    School is out, Memorial Day has passed and summer has arrived in an even numbered year. This signals, among other things, the beginning of the campaign season for elections. The deadline for filing as a candidate in the midterm primary elections was June 1 with those elections being held Aug. 21. Wyoming is one of 14 states that has closed primaries, meaning a person can only vote within their political party in the primaries. Just before the filing deadline, the Saratoga Sun noticed there were very few candidates for local offices and ran an...

  • Update and clarify

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Feb 21, 2018

    Title 18, the municipal code that dictates zoning, is a bit of a mess. Much of it hasn’t been updated since it was adopted nearly 40 years ago. Along with the outdated language and standards, one also has to deal with definitions that vary from section to section. Anyone who has taken the time to read Title 18 knows it is complicated. One of the primary reasons for these complications can be found in the varying definitions of the same structure. Manufactured home and mobile home are often used interchangeably for the same thing: a portable u...

  • Change in the Good Times Valley

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Dec 31, 2014

    Thanks to the voters, the Saratoga Town Municipality will realize quite a transformation Tuesday. Three new members will be sworn in to serve our community – E.J. Glode as mayor and Will Faust and Richard Raymer as councilpersons. This will be the biggest change in leadership in over eight years. The community should be excited for the change as these new public servants, all with strong community ties, take the reins at town hall. The newly elected are not without experience as all were members of the Saratoga/Carbon County Water and Sewer Joi...

  • Volunteers add much to our community

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Dec 10, 2014

    Generosity shines through during this time of year. The Festival of Trees was no exception. Forty-three donations were made to the annual festival of trees and business people and residents of Saratoga and the Platte Valley pulled out their checkbooks to support this great event. The festival is in its 11th year and is still going strong. Every year, the Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts the event and it continues to attract people and donations. Considering the fact that other communities around the state has tried this and...

  • Cowboys Code

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Nov 5, 2014

    We are the Cowboy State for many reasons. This past weekend, four of Carbon County’s cowboys were recognized for their contribution to the state of Wyoming as ranchers. Wyoming is so cowboy, we have a Cowboy Code of Ethics. Wyoming was the first state to adopt a Code of Ethics in March 2010. • Live each day with courage • Take pride in your work • Always finish what you start • Do what has to be done • Be tough, but fair • When you make a promise, keep it • Ride for the brand • Talk less and say more • Remember that some things aren’t for s...

  • Town crews display professionalism

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Oct 15, 2014

    Late last week, the town of Saratoga completed the first part of the pedestrian bridge project. The project consisted of setting the 150-foot bridge over a span from Veterans Island to the inlet near the hot pool. Since 2009, the pedestrian bridge project has been the center of controversy in the town. Many have referred to it as the “bridge to nowhere.” Others have simply called it a waste of taxpayers’ money. Regardless of what you think of the project itself, you have to give kudos to the personnel who placed the bridge last week. Town...

  • Get checked, the life you save may be your own

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Oct 1, 2014

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, next to skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The annual campaign promotes early detection by having mammograms and monthly self examinations. There are several websites that explain how to do self examinations. The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website has a lot of information about breast cancer, including the types, treatment, myths and more. Did you know there are several types of breast cancer? M...

  • A chance to say thanks

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Sep 24, 2014

    Saturday, Sen. Mike Enzi will be in Saratoga to award the Purple Heart to Robert James. To be awarded a Purple Heart, one has to be harmed by something that is meant to injure during wartime. It has been several years since a member of the armed forces was awarded a Purple Heart in the Valley. With tensions so thick after the beheading of two American journalists and the beheading of a British journalist, war in Syria is most likely eminent, and Americans once again find themselves on high alert. Everyday service members are in harm’s way or h...

  • No code = conflict of interest

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Sep 10, 2014

    How many votes should a councilperson have on town issues? This is a question that has come up at town meetings and during the election forums sponsored by the Valley Service Organization. Most candidates at the forums agreed there is not a problem as long as they vote the same way on the board as they do on the council. Citizens and town board members don’t always agree. What has caused concern is the potential for a council member who serves on a board to disagree with a board recommendation and vote against it. The council member then has i...

  • Time for SCWEMS to toughen up

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Aug 20, 2014

    The Saratoga Sun has been following the recent, sometimes heated, discussions at South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services (SCWEMS) Joint Powers Board (JPB) meetings with interest. Everyone who lives in this area is affected by the availability of timely and effective ambulance and first responder services. It appears to the Saratoga Sun that SCWEMS is experiencing growing pains, and needs to learn some lessons about the accountability of their actions. An article in the Aug. 6, 2014 edition of the Saratoga Sun shows SCWEMS is now...

  • Sun going 'Broad'way

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Aug 13, 2014

    Big changes are coming to the Saratoga Sun. Perhaps you have seen our ads about some of the changes. The place where we have printed our paper for many years is closing down their press. It came as a shock to us, but as newspaper people, we adjust to change. We looked at several options and starting next week the Casper Star Tribune is printing our paper. Technology makes this possible, as we have been sending our paper up to the current printer by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). What this change means for our readers and our advertisers is a...

  • Bend, don't break the bank for bikes

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Aug 6, 2014

    As cross-country bicycling becomes more popular, towns like Saratoga are faced with a small dilemma of who is responsible to provide in-town campgrounds. Should the town of Saratoga provide an in-town campground for bicyclers who ride through our town? The Good Times Park behind the hot pool has been suggested as a place to have a campground for bicyclists. When most bicyclists are planning a trip across America, they just don’t decide to jump on a bike and start pedaling. They plan, prepare and research their route. Bicyclists should know t...

  • Get informed

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jul 23, 2014

    Tonight, the first of three candidate forums begin. All will be at the Platte Valley Community Center. The county candidate forum is at 6 p.m. tonight. On July 29 at 6 p.m., the Saratoga mayoral candidates will present their platforms. The Saratoga council candidates have their say on July 30 at 6 p.m. The Valley Service Organization hosts these forums during election years and they are invaluable for voters. This is an opportunity for you to weigh the candidate’s positions, past performances and future promises against newcomer’s ideas and pla...

  • Making an Impact Teachers learn from experiences too

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Jun 18, 2014

    When the Saratoga Sun’s Mike Dunn interviewed the retiring teachers this year, one theme was common. The teachers will miss the students. We are very fortunate to have the quality of teachers in our school district that we do. The teachers retiring this year are no exception. Their experience varies from 20 to over 40 years and in that time these teachers have seen a huge change in technology, school curriculum, superintendents, principals and school boards. It is not easy adjusting to a new boss every few years, or to explain to school b...

  • A call to our future leaders

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|May 21, 2014

    Many people who may be interested in running for office, may have too many fears about being in such a position. They may be afraid of the responsibility, or of too many people disagreeing with their ideas. They may also think their voice does not matter, or that no one would be interested in what they have to say. For anyone who has ever felt that way, it’s time to overcome those fears and realize that your voice does matter. Every voice counts and has worth in a small community. Many of the Valley’s younger residents may feel like they hav...

  • Our rules on running

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|May 7, 2014

    The political season is about to come into full swing. On May 15, people who want to run for office will register. That means these people will also be getting the word out about their platforms, goals and public appearances. Therefore, this is the perfect time to let the candidates, voters and supporters know the Saratoga Sun policies for election articles and advertising. • The Saratoga Sun does not endorse candidates. • All political ads must be prepaid. • Ads must include a disclaimer stating who paid for the ad, i.e. “Paid for by the Com...

  • Friends in disguise

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Apr 16, 2014

    Many times, adults forget to look at things and people from a child’s perspective. For instance, it would have never have occurred to us at the Saratoga Sun that children would be frightened of firemen. We, as adults, know they are there to help during a fire. To a child, a fireman in full gear may look like a giant yellow monster. Last week, the Saratoga Fire Department went to Saratoga Elementary School and gave a gear presentation in conjunction with a fire drill. One of the demonstrations included what a fireman looks like in full fire g...

  • Planning Commission meetings open up

    Saratoga Sun editorial|Mar 6, 2013

    The Saratoga Planning Commission has a difficult job in keeping up with modern technology. More and more workers are doing business in their homes, on cell phones, laptops and iPads making enforcement of regulations more difficult. Last month, the Planning Commission had an important discussion on the definition of “permitted – meaning allowed” and “permitted – those requiring a permit.” This is not the first, nor will it be the last time this important discussion has been on the table. The Saratoga Sun commends the commission for its efforts i...

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