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  • Time travelers in Green River

    Hannah Romero|May 16, 2024

    As Ruby Sunday steps out of the TARDIS, she enters a lush prehistoric world, standing on a cliff overlooking a broad river with waterfalls and groups of roaming dinosaurs. As she admires everything in amazement after having traveled back in time, the Doctor explains where they are. “The TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension in Space. So we’ve moved location as well. This will be North America. One day this is Wyoming. Little town called Green River.” This exchange happens in the first episode of the newest season of “Doctor Who,” w...

  • Pay attention to who you threaten

    Hannah Romero|Apr 18, 2024

    I was startled when I started going through my email on Tuesday, and was getting ready to mark “receive death threats” off my journalism bingo card. I had to read the email a couple of times as I tried to understand it, and understand why I had received it. It said: “First of all you are morally and legally responsible for the action taken again [sic] innocent Earth life in your establishment. You will be closed in a year. I hope you and your family starve and get ripped apart by the species you seem to enjoy contributing to the torture of. P...