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  • Hospital, first responders shine on tragic day

    David Peck, Lovell Chronicle, July 13|Jul 18, 2024

    The planners and designers of North Big Horn Hospital’s expanded state of the art emergency room surely had in mind a scenario like that which unfolded a week ago when four young men were involved in a horrific incident where fireworks went off inside a moving vehicle on the Fourth of July, severely burning all four. Perhaps some might have wondered if the large, multifaceted space was really needed. Was it overbuilt for a small hospital? Four young men and their families would answer that question emphatically: It was absolutely needed. The n...

  • I cherished my visit to grandson Leroy

    David Peck, Wyoming Editorial Roundup|Jun 13, 2024

    It melted my heart every time my little towheaded grandson Leroy came running toward me saying, “Papa!” followed by “Up!” I would scoop him up into my arms as he smiled broadly. It had been six months since I saw the little guy at Thanksgiving, and my visit to daughter Danielle and her family in Ohio over the weekend was special and very much needed. There are few things more wonderful than a 2-year-old grandchild. (Well, Leroy is almost 2, about 21 months old now.) Yes, toddlers can be cranky, finicky with their food and mercurial with th...

  • Ghosting simply doesn't cut it

    David Peck|May 16, 2024

    Pet peeve time here. Are you familiar with the communications concept known as ghosting? For the uninitiated, the word refers to an electronic communication during which one of the parties simply stops responding to a conversation or disappears from contact in the first place. I guess it could also refer to any communication, such as refusing to return a call or something like that. But for the young people out there, I have one thing to say: Don’t do it. At least if you want to get or keep a job. Let me tell you, there are few things in b...

  • Transparency at work in School District 2

    David Peck|Mar 28, 2024

    Newspapers from coast to coast last week celebrated Sunshine Week, a time to champion openness and transparency in government in issues from access to public records to open meetings. Ironically, Sunshine Week 2024 happened to coincide with an example of transparency worth celebrating right here in our neck of the woods. Thursday night, Big Horn County School District No. 2 held a public forum during which citizens were able to question three finalists to be the next principal of Lovell Elementary School. We’re not sure most folks realize how r...

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