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 By Joshua Wood    News    April 21, 2021 

Clearing the muddy waters

As the Saratoga-Carbon County Impact Joint Powers Board (SCCIJPB) continues its pursuit of extremely delinquent accounts, potential changes to the municipal code may help streamline that process....


Thank you for your public service

It’s not easy serving the public. This was made clear on April 6, when Bob Keel resigned his position from the Saratoga Town Council. Keel, in his resignation letter, stated that he was choosing his family over the council. The Saratoga Sun... Full story


Former publisher offers advice

Okay, Sun editor, you asked for it and I’m ready to give it to you. (see “Against the Grain” by Josh Wood on page 4 of April 15, 2021 issue of the Saratoga Sun) Right off, I want to compliment you on last week’s column, it’s the best... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Lifestyles    April 21, 2021 

Keel leads local church

"I definitely feel that I'm supposed to be here doing this right now. It doesn't mean that I'm the best person or the most qualified, it just means that for some reason I was supposed to do this and I...

 By Mike Armstrong    News    April 21, 2021 

Putting it in 'Layman' terms

The Carbon County Council of Governments (CCCOG) met in person at on March 31 at the C4 headquarters building in Rawlins. The C4 (Carbon County Coordination Center) building was picked for the...

 By Joshua Wood    News    April 14, 2021

Saratoga Town Council declares vacancy

Of the three individuals elected to the Saratoga Town Council in 2018, only one remains following the resignation of Councilmember Bob Keel on April 6. Keel, who was elected alongside Councilmember Jo...

 By Joshua Wood    News    April 14, 2021

A field at the Woods

Wood’s Fields may continue to be the home for Platte Valley Little League (PVLL) despite previous discussions to rehabilitate and use the ball fields owned by the Town of Saratoga south of the...

 By Joshua Wood    News    April 14, 2021

County proposes joint road project with Saratoga

Carbon County Road 504 and Pic Pike Road continue to be a point of discussion, though no longer due to, now lifted, weight restrictions on a Wyoming Highway 130 bridge. At the April 6 meeting of the...


'I'm here to help'

For the past seven years, Marie Christen has been the sweet and smiling face behind Sweet Marie's Bakeshop in Saratoga but will now be showing her smile at Saratoga Town Hall as the new town clerk. Ha...

 By Joshua Wood    News    April 7, 2021

Keel resigns from Saratoga Town Council

Councilmember Bob Keel officially resigned from the Saratoga Town Council during the April 6 meeting of the governing body. Keel, who was elected to the council during the 2018 General Election, read... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 31, 2021

Council donates salary

During their March 16 meeting, three members of the Saratoga Town Council and Mayor Creed James stated they would donate the 1st quarter of their governmental salaries to a local fundraising group....

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 24, 2021

A pretty sweet appointment

The Town of Saratoga has finally filled a vital position in town hall as Mayor Creed James appointed a new town clerk on March 16. Since the resignation of former town clerk Suzie Cox effective...

 By Mike Armstrong    News    March 24, 2021

Visitor's council makes changes

The Carbon County Visitors Council (CCVC) met in Rawlins on March 10 at the Best Western Hotel for their regularly scheduled meeting. All board members were present in person except the Baggs and Hann...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 17, 2021

RV park hits the brakes

It appears that Saratoga will not be getting a new recreational vehicle (RV) park in the near future. At least, if one is built, it will likely not be by JaJaCa Properties owners James (Jimmy) and Jam...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 17, 2021

Discussing disclosures

While the Town of Saratoga has yet to start on their audit of Fiscal Year 2020/2021, the Saratoga-Carbon County Impact Joint Powers Board (SCCIJPB) is nearing the completion of their financial...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 17, 2021

Double checking on billing

Over the past few months, the Saratoga-Carbon County Impact Joint Powers Board (SCCIJPB) has discussed collecting on delinquent water and sewer accounts and terminating the services of those in...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 10, 2021

Give it some gas!

More than a month after Blakeman Propane appeared before the Saratoga Town Council, the Board of Carbon County Commissioners (BOCCC) approved a conditional use permit for the Wyoming-based company dur...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 10, 2021

Water you talking about?

The first recreational vehicle (RV) park to be constructed since the passage of the Town of Saratoga's RV park ordinance may be in the ditches, quite literally, following the March 2 meeting of the...


Champion tourism

The importance of tourism to Carbon County is everywhere if one knows where to look. The iconic hotels and good restaurants are not the only places that serve visitors. Gas stations, retail...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    March 3, 2021

Red light, green light

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Saratoga needs traffic lights. I’ll wait for you to calm down from that statement before I continue.  Take a couple deep breaths, maybe look at this week’s...

 By Joshua Wood    News    March 3, 2021

Octagon gets in the zone

While the Saratoga Planning Commission recommended approval of a zone amendment for the Octagon Construction Group (Octagon) during their February 9 meeting, that recommendation did not come without...


Outreach expanding

The Carbon County Visitors Council (CCVC) met on February 17 via Zoom. It would be a short meeting compared to most CCVC board meetings. As it lasted exactly one hour. After all board members were...

 By Joshua Wood    News    February 24, 2021

One hour or less

The Saratoga Town Council just barely had a quorum as it met on February 17. With Councilmember Bob Keel and Mayor Creed James both absent and Councilmember D’Ron Campbell joining by phone, the meet...


Filling a void

Joel James, Brierly Associates, gave a presentation on the status of the Abandoned Mines Land (AML) program in Hanna on February 9. He explained the purpose of the program was to mitigate hazards to...


Public notices must remain accessible

When the Wyoming Legislature reconvenes in March, the perennial battle to keep public notices in Wyoming newspapers will return as well.  On February 4, the Senate Corporation Committee voted 4-1 to advance to the Wyoming Senate legislation that... Full story


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