By Mike Dunn 

Next steps for foot bridge

Town still awaiting funds for master plan


Even though the town of Saratoga completed their first major step with the setting of the pedestrian bridge, there is still a lot of work to be done until it is finalized.

Mayor of Saratoga John Zeiger told the Saratoga Sun the ramps leading up bridge ,which spans from Veterans Island Park to an inlet near the Saratoga hot pool, would comply with ADA (Americans with Disability Acts) standards.

“I know there has been some comments on whether or not the ramps will be ADA accessible and yes they will,” Zeiger said. “That was part of the deal for getting the grant.”

ADA standards states the maximum slope of a ramp can rise one foot for every 12 feet of run. With the bridge currently resting on abutments an estimated 10 feet above the ground on both sides of the bridge, the ramps will likely take a considerable amount of material to complete.

An estimated cost for the ramps has not been established.

Town clerk Suzie Cox said the funds for the ramps will be paid for in part by the town with in-kind services and with the town’s matching funds from Transportation Enhancement Activities Grant (TEAL), which paid for the bridge setting.

The entire bridge project is not expected to be completed until the spring of 2015. In addition to the ramps, town crews will also have to construct abutments for a bridge which will span from the hot pool to the inlet across the Spring Creek outlet. In town engineer Chuck Bartlett’s absence, Zeiger did not have an update on the smaller bridge.

Master Plan on standby

The town of Saratoga is still waiting for money from a community development block grant to complete the Master Plan project.

Zeiger said they had not received the actual money for the grant as of Oct. 17. Because of this, a steering committee for the master plan has not been established.

The town is expected to receive $49,000 from a community development block grant. Additionally, the town of Saratoga will contribute $16,000 towards the project, and local non-profit group Voices of the Valley will contribute an additional $2,500.

The money for the project will go towards hiring a consultant to draft a master plan design for the town.

The last full master plan for the town of Saratoga was drawn up in the late 1970s.

The next Saratoga town Council meeting will take place at 6 p.m., Nov. 4 at Saratoga Town Hall.


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