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  • Scary fun

    Contributed By Liz Wood|Feb 9, 2022

    Jason Decker, of Brighton, Colorado has the perfect description of what it is like to race on skis behind a horse. “It is so fun and so scary at the same time.” The exuberant Decker has been racing in Saratoga for the last five years. “I missed the first year,” he said. He seems to be a fan favorite as he is recognizable with his bright plaid snow-pants and his jovial spirit at the end of each race. Decker is also one to jump in and help get the track ready on race day morning. Decker said he got into the “coolest and dumbest” rodeo sport...

  • A call for help

    Contributed By Liz Wood|Feb 9, 2022

    Adrenaline was pulsing through the veins of horses and skiers this weekend as the Saratoga Lions Club hosted the sixth annual Saratoga Skijoring Races at Buck Springs Arena this weekend. Eighty-seven teams were entered into the race for each day. Numbers were down, Richard Raymer, co-founder of the event said, because Montana got snow this year. “A lot of people who have come down from Montana in the past didn’t come because they could actually race in their home state.” The event is the brainchild of Raymer and his friend Will Faust. Both...

  • Lady Panthers take No. 2 seed in 1A West

    Contributed By Liz Wood|Nov 6, 2019

    The Saratoga Lady Panthers left the regional tournament with a number two seed, but not without a fight against the Cokeville Lady Panthers. The Saratoga Lady Panthers held their own in three sets against the two-time state champions. The second match of the set let the Cokeville Lady Panthers know not to take the Saratoga Lady Panther for granted. "I am really proud of them," Saratoga Volleyball Coach Shayley Love said. "No one in 1A has gotten into the 20s against Cokeville. I think the...

  • A big day at Big Creek

    Contributed By Liz Wood|Aug 21, 2019

    Native American history was the subject on the Grand Encampment Museum Trek with a visit to war lodges, the Coffin Bison Kill site and around 72 tipi rings east of Riverside Saturday. Tour guides Mark Dunning and Chilly Rollison shared their knowledge of life in the 1850s on what is now the Quill Ranch, Big Creek Ranch and Six Mile Gap on in the Routt National Forest. Trekkers crossed the Cherokee Trail on the Quill Ranch on the way to the war lodges located in a grove of trees on the Big Creek...

  • Burial benefits require Vets to plan

    Contributed By Liz Wood|Nov 9, 2016

    No one likes to think about death, but if a veteran wants to be buried with military rights, or in a national cemetery, pre-planning is a must. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a website which includes information about national cemeteries, preparing in advance, donating burial flags and burial benefits for veterans buried in a private cemetery. To insure eligibility of burial in a VA cemetery, discharge papers are required. Family members should be made of aware of where these papers are kept. The discharge papers are... Full story