Tigers impress fans in throwing events at Regionals

Encampment Throwers are still bringing in points

The Encampment Tigers High School boys and girls track teams competed in Regionals held in Shoshoni on May 12 and May 13. The meet was hosted by Shoshoni High School. For team points, the girls placed 6th with 48 points and the boys also placed 6th with 55 points.

Quade Jordan and Kaben Pickett placed 1st and 2nd in both Shot Put and Discus. Their individual efforts earned 36 points for the team in these two events alone. The girls were not going to be out done. Kyenna Jackson and Kristie Jordan placed 1st and 2nd in Shot Put adding 18 team points for the girls.

In long distance, Allison Broml...


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