Water, water everywhere

Town of Saratoga experiences water main break Tuesday night

While the Platte River may be low this time of year, a minor flood occurred in front of the Saratoga Town Hall during the October 5 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council.

As the governing body was going about their twice-monthly meeting, Sergeant Tyler Christen requested a short recess for council members to use their vehicles. Upon exiting the front of the town hall, water could be seen bubbling up from under Spring Street and running towards 1st Street. The large break caused a sudden loss in water pressure throughout all of Saratoga, which didn't return until later that night.

The Saratoga Town Council engaged in an emergency contract with Alexander Excavation, a contractor doing work at Shively Airfield for the apron expansion project, to help the Department of Public Works with repair of the water main breaks. According to Director of Public Works Jon Winter, the water main will be isolated on Spring Street to do the repairs. Winter also said the water mains on nearby streets would likely also be isolated as the repair work continued.

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