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A fluid situation

Hanna Town Council heard updates on water mains and Rec Center, approves MOU for Boswell Springs


October 16, 2019

Mike Armstrong

Photo by Mike Armstrong North Fork Engineering goes potholing using a hydro-excavation truck on Front stree in Hanna in late Saptember to find where the water pipes are located.

The Hanna Town Council met at 6 p.m. on Oct. 8 at the Hanna Town Hall. All council members and mayor were in attendance.

The agenda and regular meeting minutes for Sept. 10 were approved.

Council member Bob Patton reported that Carbon County Council of Governments met in Hanna and had an update on the 6th Penny tax and a speaker on the number 211 (see CCCOG calls 211 on page 5 of the September 25 Saratoga Sun).

Public works reported that they were gearing up for winter.

David Sutter, director of the water treatment plant, said water consumption was going down. He said it was due to residents watering their lawns less.

Craig Kopasz, Engineering Associates, said 71 Construction was finishing up their work on the streets. He said the seeding for landscape was also completed.

"The South Jefferson project, they finished installation of all the water mains and all the service lines," Kopasz said. "They should be done this week if weather isn't too bad."

Jon Nelson, North Folk Engineering, asked if the council wanted the bad or good news. The council said they wanted to hear the good news. on the Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) grant.

"The AML has recommended that they grant $2,030,050 for phase two of our project," Nelson said. "They are doing the paperwork now. It was a competitive process. The bad new is they didn't give the requested $2,202,000. They deducted the amount we had put in for inflation."

He said that this was all positive.

Marshal Jeff Neimark said the month of September had been busy.

He said there had two felony arrest for methamphetamine possession and numerous citations for being under the influence of a controlled substances.

Neimark said on Sept. 28, he and Deputy Patricia Gonzales responded to a call on disturbance of the peace and found a party going on where there was smoking and injecting of methamphetamine.

Arrests were made on the scene.

He said a person was observed by security cameras carrying a large container filled with oil and gas that was later found to next to the town's Dodge Charger. The vehicle had the liquid substances poured on the left side.

Neimark said there was extensive damage and that the cost to fix the vehicle could run over the amount to make the crime a felony.

The suspect was apprehended.

"When we asked why he did it, he told us he wanted to get our attention," Neimark said. "He has our attention now."

Vivian Gonzales, director of the Hanna Recreation Center said the hot tub was being evaluated by a firm that specialized in commercial hot tubs. She said the hot tub may not have to be entirely replaced. Gonzales said it was a fluid situation at this time.

Gonzales said she found the company that disabled the fire alarm system. The company disabled the system because it was obsolete.

"They will give us numbers on what it will cost to get it fixed," Gonzales said.

She said the recreation board had gone through the town's parks and did an evaluation of what needed to be repaired.

Gonzales voiced concern about $2,400 coming from the recreation budget for security cameras.

Buchanan said there would stronger communication between the department heads and the town hall to make sure there would be no misunderstanding.

"We will work on our part and you work on your part," Buchanan said.

Melissa Sykes said South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services (SCWEMS) was getting $9,800 from the state to get portable radios for ambulances. She said the drivers had been busy the last few days.

The Carbon County Visitor Council said that grants were gone over at the meeting on September 18.

The Carbon County Economic Development Corporation had a meeting the night before ,said Patton. He said a new director had been found. New officers were elected. Cindy Wallace, the present director was given a send off party.

The Housing Board said all but four units had been refurbished.

Pam Paulson, from the Hanna Basin Museum Board said the naming of the newest building after Victor Anderson had been successful.

Ann Calvert, the town clerk, said water meters had been fixed.

The financials and bills were approved to be paid. The total was $230,675.

Under unfinished business, Ordinance 386 second reading was approved. The ordinance amends section 13.04.050(C) and section 13.08.040(C) of the Hanna Municipal Code to increase the water tap fees and the sewer tap fees.

The council approved Resolution 2019-514. It is a resolution amending Carbon County 2009 Special Purpose Tax Joint Powers Board agreement by changing the name of the board and adding the towns of Hanna and Dixon as members and authorizing the reorganization of the board.

The council approved the application for Bob Patton to the High Country Joint Powers Board (HCJPB).

The council went into its first executive session for the evening at 7:17 p.m.

The council came back at 7:43 p.m.

When the council came back, it approved Resolution 2019-515. It was a resolution to amend the salary ranges of all department heads for the town. Buchanan said it was readjusting the salary cap.

The service agreement with Long Technologies for the recreation center was approved.

Calvert asked the council to approve HEM students to update the Hanna town logo. The council approved the update and put Calvert in charge.

The council approved the memorandum of understanding (MOU) amending the Boswell Wind Energy Project. Paulson said the project had scaled back how many turbines were being built, so impact funds were being cut back to towns. Certain municipalities had scaled back their requests and Hanna was taking about $78,000 less than originally requested. All entities involved have to agree.

The council approved the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget for the HCJPB.

The council went into another executive session at 8:45 p.m.

The next scheduled regular meeting is at 6 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Hanna Town Hall.


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