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Town water tank relining, crane project passes in Riverside Town council meeting


November 14, 2018

Proposed projects for the 2019 Specific Purpose Tax (6th penny tax) topped the discussion during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Riverside Town Council at 6 p.m. on Nov. 8 at Riverside Town Hall. The council also discussed what to do with money that they would be receiving from the early cancellation of the 2009 Specific Purpose Tax and an excess amount in the town’s checking account.

As the council and mayor Leroy Stephenson were going through the financials, Stephenson brought up the amount of $181,000 sitting in the town’s checking account and whether it was wise to keep that much money in the account. The council was asked to consider moving a portion of the funds into the town’s WYO-STAR account while leaving enough to pay bills. Stephenson asked council members Liz Swynarczuck, Fred Lorenz and Ed Golden to think it over by next council meeting. Council member Katie Cheesbrough was absent.

The council then moved onto the proposed list of projects for the upcoming renewal of the 6th penny tax, which were due by noon on Friday, Nov. 9. Alyson Sneddon, who represents Riverside on the Specific Purpose Tax Joint Powers Board, was in attendance with Jon Nelson of North Fork Engineering to answer questions from the council.

Sneddon did inform the council that some changes were made to estimates since the last time the council saw them. This included an increased estimate in regards to new lining for the water tank from $1.5 million to $1.6 million and additions to work on the maintenance building, which included what was described as an overhead crane.

“Explain to me why we need the overhead crane,” said Stephenson.

“Because we have several items; hydrants, valves, small generator … and sometimes one guy can’t lift that. Sometimes two guys can’t lift that, so they asked that if we could install a lift to help with that,” replied Sneddon.

“So a chain hoist on an A-frame wouldn’t work?” asked Stephenson.

“That’s essentially what it would be,” added Nelson.

The only question from the council came from Golden, who wondered if it was more cost effective to replace the water tank instead of rehabilitating it. Sneddon informed Golden that replacing the lining of the tank and rehabbing it would increase the lifetime of the tank. Stephenson asked the council if they were comfortable with the proposed list of projects. The council was in agreement and voted unanimously to send the list to the Carbon County Council of Governments.

Following discussion of the 2019 Specific Purpose Tax, the council discussed the 2009 6th penny tax and the money they would be receiving after terminating the tax earlier this year.

“My understanding is, we look to be receiving $94,548.59,” Stephenson said.

According to Jan Cook, Town of Riverside clerk and treasurer, the money coming back from the terminated tax was to be used for maintenance and operation of water and sewer within Riverside. The council voted unanimously to deposit half of the funds into the town’s WYO-STAR account and half into the Wyoming Governor’s Investment fund for water and sewer.

The next meeting of the Riverside Town Council will be at 6 p.m. on Dec. 13 at Riverside Town Hall.


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