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Sometimes it takes a little squawking



Recently, out of rather immense frustration, I addressed the Saratoga Town Council concerning the scourge of methamphetamine addiction/use and attendant crime in this community. Although the Police Department inferred my criticisms to mean that my complaints were directed specifically at that department, this was not my intention. However, after speaking with the police chief, I at least understood his position, agreeing in part and disagreeing in part. Perhaps most significantly, I was impressed with the passion our police chief brought to our rather vigorous disagreement. New in his position, this demonstrated job commitment–something heretofore lacking at the head of this agency in recent years.

What previously amounted to massive meth use and probably even manufacturing in the buildings surrounding my little hot spot has diminished to near, if not in fact, zero. By all appearances this evidences the attention to the issue by the police department that I requested. Many good citizens in this community, from newer arrivals to life-long residents, to the elderly and to our schools’ students, have at times been impacted in a fashion amounting to nothing less than extreme criminal related consequences. If my mini neighborhood can be so dramatically and positively affected just by my drawing attention to the matter, think about the benefits if the entire community were to focus on the problem, and communicate (to law enforcement) what they know is happening right next door. Perhaps what has undeniably devolved into nothing short of a toxic community could see a return to some form of normalcy. In other words, make some noise about this insidious problem our community has been living with for way too long. It worked for me and I for one am grateful of the genuine attention and somewhat dramatic results a little squawking on my part led to. It’s one helluva lot quieter here at my place, at all hours of the day, and night.

What started out as a major rift between myself and our cops and mayor relative to this town’s meth problem and my perception of the attention given thereto by our police (and most significantly, inattention by the Mayor) has, by way of my request for help, so far resolved quite nicely, and to my immense personal benefit. Now, instead of complaining about our cops, I give thanks.

I respectfully urge every member of this community who has the ability to perceive and communicate (this should leave nobody out) to get involved. Do something. Our community needs it. Failure to raise the issue that a dangerous and insidious drug problem exists right next door all over this town is nothing short of passive acceptance of the danger that threatens us all, most significantly, our youth. In other words, when you suspect drug activity, CALL THE COPS. It worked for me.

Tom Callison



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