Lagoon dumping questioned


The Saratoga/Carbon County Impact Joint Powers (water and sewer) Board met on Dec. 9, with the meeting causing a discussion about the wastewater lagoon and what dumping means to the lagoon system.

This concern was brought to attention when Blackwater Septic Solutions, of Rawlins, had a representative present and Posey Wagon Portable Toilet Services LLC wrote a letter, both requesting to dump waste at the wastewater lagoons.

Chairperson Don Price offered a background of dumping at the lagoon, noting that Aspen Portable Toilets had approached the board several times to gather their blessing for dumping years ago. Price noted that anaerobic waste water, such as from a portable toilet, does not do well in the aerobic system at the lagoon.

“What we need to step back to is what impact it has on our system,” said Jon Winter, director of public works. “We have a requirement from the EPA to protect our system.”

Winter will meet with specialists Rick Allen, a consultant that deals with large and small systems, and Mark Quart of the Rural Water Association, on Jan. 7, he reported. Winter said a “good frank discussion” surrounding the situation at the lagoon, hopefully to make recommendations about dumping for the January water and sewer board meeting. Winter hopes that this will help to steer decisions made by the board members.

Since Katrina Nuhn, author of the Posey Wagon Portable Services LLC letter, was not available at the meeting to answer questions, the board members did not make a decision and will readdress her request at the next meeting. A representative from Blackwater Septic Solutions was in attendance to get a blessing from the board, and he will have to return after specialists have evaluated the wastewater lagoon.

“We have a responsibility to the citizens of the town of Saratoga, because they actually own this thing,” said board member Tim Lamprecht.

At the meeting, board member Craig Kopasz added the tap fee ordinance that has been discussed for the past several months only needs one issue yet to be resolved, the price for off-size (2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch) taps. Previous issues have been discussed and resolved. The water and sewer board will send the ordinance to the Saratoga Town Council for review once it returns from legal review.

The next water and sewer board meeting is Jan. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Saratoga Town Hall.


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