Evening meal a packed house

Sagebrush Senior Center


School has officially started, please watch out for those children any new drivers of the season.

We had 70 people for our Evening Meal. It was a hoot! I love to see all those faces here. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Our chuckles and coffee group keep chuckling along, attendees included Laura Rettelle, Karen Dibbern, Connie Beckham, Patty Herring, Jo Bonnett, Arleigh Simmons, Linda York, Ellie Behrmann, Mary Priquet, Joan Beckham, Al Schroder, Joan Groff, and Kaylyn Herring.

The Dominoes are still flying with Joe & Shelia Remick, Lorraine Knotwell, Madeline Telfer and Dick Blake. Madeline took the win a few times.

The stitching Bee’s didn’t quite get the quilt done last week, but rest assured it will be finished. Those talented ladies include, Nancy Lynch, Jo Roberson, Karen Casson, Lila Walbye, Sandy Miller, Rosalie Cousins, and Phyllis Smith.

It looks like we had two tables of mind-bending Bridge again, MaryLou Noton, Shelia Johnson, Vivian Campbell, Rosemary Craighead, Marianne Blue, Millie Parker and Paula Harris.

There is a Singspiration this Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Foothills Baptist Church if anyone would like to go. Anyone with questions can call Dodey Brown at 307-710-6220.

There is also a AARP Driver Safety Course coming up on Sept. 9th from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Saratoga Senior Center for those who couldn’t attend ours. It does help on your insurance rates. Give Sue a call at 326-5564 for more details. Until next week, hope you have a good one!


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