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Volunteers appreciated


Another week has gone and we are almost finished with the first month of the year. YIKES! Thankfully, we don’t get old as fast as the months go by, HA! The week was a good one with folks coming in for meals, chats, and activities as always.

The quilt ladies are getting closer to finishing the top of the 2013 raffle quilt. I can’t wait to see it finished! But, as we wait we can see Lila’s quilt changing every week. There was a good group of ladies working on it last week. Nancy, Kay, Josie, Karen, Betty, Ella and Vonda were here helping Lila get the stitches placed.

There was one table for bridge and it was nice to see Viv back at it. Joining her were Kay, Rosemary and Evelyn. Best wishes to Sheila as she was missed, but will be back at it this week.

You know that western puzzle I’ve been writing about? Well, it got finished and now the coffee ladies are flipping coins to see which one gets to take it home to work on. Well, that gives them something to talk about as they chug the coffee.

As I predicted with no entertainment for the birthday/anniversary dinner there were dominos clattering on the tables. There were two tables to play if Ronda and I joined in. So, Ronda was initiated to the domino game. We all had fun.

There are many folks that come through here each week. But, I just want to give a special thanks to the volunteers. There are the drivers that deliver meals; Bill, Madeline, Vonda, Nancy, Bob, Lois and Laura. There are the folks that keep the walk cleared off when there is snow; Wayne, Monty, George and, Kevin. This week Monty and George stepped up and fixed a hole in the wall of the men’s room. Then there are the ladies on the council; Vonda, Lila and Madeline. And I must mention Lee Ann. Lee Ann is our county board member. She takes time to drive to the meetings each month to take care of the business of the Services. Thanks again to all of you!

Until next week; be thankful you live in rural Wyoming, I am!


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