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  • Two earthquakes shake the Valley 

    Virginia Parker|Jun 8, 2023

    In the wee hours of the morning on June 2, some residents of the North Platte Valley were jostled from their slumber when a Magnitude 3.9 earthquake rumbled through the area. Although not uncommon for Wyoming, it is uncommon for the Valley residents to feel them. Another quake with a magnitude of 3.2 occurred in nearly the same area less than 24 hours later. Many residents said they didn't feel it, while others heard the rumble and felt the shake. No damage was reported, except to the peace of m...

  • Everything's Coming up Pickett

    Joshua Wood, Stevenson Newspapers|Jun 8, 2023

    On June 4, "Joe Pickett"-the Paramount+ series based on the titular character-premiered its second season with two episodes. While most fans may have watched from their home, a number of Saratoga and Platte Valley residents gathered at the Platte Valley Community Center (PVCC) the premiere on the big screen. Based on the book series written by Chuck "C.J." Box, the streaming series follows the Wyoming Game Warden as he navigates family life, his role with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department...

  • Brian Anderson

    Jun 8, 2023

    Brian Conrad Anderson,48, died on May 31, 2023. Brian was born September 8, 1974, in Rawlins, Wyoming, to John and Sharon (Ewing) Anderson. Brian graduated high school in 1993. Brian attended a few semesters of college at the University of Wyoming, but ultimately decided his heart was working the family logging business with his father and brother Bradley. Brian married Jennifer (Counts) and had 3 children. Brian's children (Dayne, Michael and Samantha) were the light of his life. When his boys...

  • Marietta Dinneen

    Jun 8, 2023

    Marietta Dinneen, a strong Wyoming woman whose knowledge of horse drawn carriages was astounding, and whose love for preserving the past led her to make a huge list of lifelong friends, passed away peacefully at the Davis Hospice Center on June 3rd, 2023. She was 93. Born in Superior, Nebraska on October 17, 1929, she moved to Saratoga, Wyoming with her parents, Elton and Irene Trowbridge, and her little brother Tom in 1934 to escape the Dust Bowl. There the family built a dairy cow operation....

  • Fun, so far

    Kaitlyn Campbell|Jun 8, 2023

    College has been a great experience so far. Granted, it's not very exciting considering I spend most of my time outside of school work being on the debate team and playing video games. I also spend time with friends, with that time revolving around debate and video games. Usually that time is dedicated to both. A semi-tradition formed during the past school year where a group of friends on the debate team would go to Taco Bell after practice and then spend the rest of the night playing Nintendo'...

  • Editorial Cartoon

    Jun 8, 2023

  • Kids Fishing Day

    Joshua Wood, Stevenson Newspapers|Jun 8, 2023

  • Give A Moose Some Space

    Joshua Wood, Stevenson Newspapers|Jun 8, 2023

    Over the past few weeks, a young bull moose has seemingly made itself at home in Saratoga as it has foraged around the community. Contrary to the popular children's book-which posits that if you give a moose a muffin it will inevitably want some jam-it is best to give the large animal as much space as possible. According to Teal Cufaude, wildlife biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, it is common for moose to arrive in Saratoga due to its proximity to the Upper North Platte River....

  • Jun 8, 2023

  • Jun 8, 2023

  • Stories of loss and hope: Missionary to Ukraine shares his journey

    Stephen Dow, Cody Enterprise Via Wyoming News Exchange|Jun 8, 2023

    CODY - Even in the destruction wrought over the last 15 months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hope can be discovered in unexpected places. During a May 18 presentation in Cody, Derek Thomas – an American missionary who has been working in Ukraine since 2013 -- spoke of tulips sprouting in the shadow of decimated Ukrainian homes. Like those tulips, hope and faith are growing in the shadow of the war and the incredible suffering it has caused, Thomas said. In the light of loss and imminent d...

  • Withheld: Stigma, statistics and multi-million dollar settlement funds

    Madelyn Beck,|Jun 8, 2023

    Funding is often the largest hurdle to improving access to data and resources in Wyoming. But amid the opioid crisis, another challenge has emerged: deciding how to spend millions of opioid settlement dollars flowing into the state. In late January, the Wyoming Department of Health reported it would use part of its $4.38 million in anticipated settlement money to expand access to opioid use disorder treatment, training and outreach. As far as data goes, WDH plans to spend $575,000 on...

  • State to halt Chinese investments

    Maya Shimizu Harris, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Jun 8, 2023

    CASPER — Wyoming will halt its passive investments in China starting in July amid growing concern about the risks of investing in the country. The money that Wyoming currently has passively invested in China will be distributed across investments in other nations next month. Wyoming’s active investments in China — those that are managed and individually assessed for risk and return — will still be on the table. The move won’t significantly impact Wyoming’s investments; China only makes up roughly 1% of its entire portfolio, with just a port...