Time To 'Dew' Retirement

Encampment principal Mike Erickson reflects on Mountain Dew, 19 years at Encampment K-12 and his upcoming retirement

Every morning, Principal Mike Erickson greets students at Encampment K-12 School.

Standing in the middle of the foyer, he gives fist bumps to both primary and secondary students as they start their day. On May 31, he will be giving fist bumps for the last time. After 19 years as principal and 30 years in education, Erickson will be retiring. According to the outgoing principal, now’s a good time to retire.

Rather Early Than Late

“There’s a lot of things that I’ll miss but anybody who knows me knows that I’d rather be early than late. Now’s a good time. My wife and I worked hard so I could reti...


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