A little bit country, a little bit… the Platte Valley

Jason Swedlund and Mary de la Fuente mix their different musical backgrounds to entertain in

Jason Swedlund and Mary de la Fuente performed at the Rustic Bar in Saratoga on Saturday, March 23. Swedlund and de la Fuente have both had an interesting musical journey which led them to become a perfect match as a musical duo.

Swedlund started his musical journey at the age of nine when he picked up his dad’s banjo and started “plinking around.” Swedulund thought he would be in trouble for messing with his dad’s banjo.

“I thought he would kill me for messing around with it,” Swedlund said. “My dad showed me some rolls and chords and I took off with it “.

At age 13, Swedlund joined up with h...


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