Teense Willford, The Voice of the Valley

Loren “Teense” Willford honored by Saratoga Masonic Lodge, one of many causes he has championed in the Valley

It can be hard to find just one word which would best describe Loren “Teense” Willford.

A fifth-generation resident of the Platte Valley, Teense has been and is many things. A husband, a father, a friend, a Mason, a musician and a statesman. On February 3, though he was being honored by the Saratoga Masonic Lodge, it was difficult for those in attendance not to talk about Teense’s other contributions.

“He’s always giving to something else, always supporting somebody else,” said Howard Hill, a fellow member of the Saratoga Masonic Lodge. “I call him the Voice of the Valley.”

The Voice of the Va...


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