Robin Lee Blake

Ode to Boone, by Clinton Blake You could always count on Boone

We’re here to reminisce the times with Boone that we all had, huntin, fishin, skipping school with him, sometimes even with his dad.

He always had a trap line, the bell in school couldn’t ring too soon, he had to run and check his traps, you could always count on Boone.

His unique laugh and storytelling, a hereditary trait, kept us all in tune with how things are, and his perspective, it was great.

We all could tell some stories, and tall tales fill the room, but most would end with the same old thing, you could always count on Boone.

He loved to hunt the coyotes down, and save a deer or two, he trapped and hunted all the time, it was his life, and this was true.

He took time with his family first, niece and nephews he loved them to the moon, sister, brothers, mom and dad could always count on Boone.

Jamboree would roll around, and he was always there, his logging shirt and lions vest, tape a dangling on his side. He was setting logs, driving stakes, silver dollars in the sawdust for the kids that he would hide.

His time on earth was simple, enjoyed each passing day of life, and maybe smarter than some of us, he never had a wife.

To hear him tell the story, he said “no woman could handle me and my mountainmanish life, not found one yet that can skin a beaver with this here old knife.”

Well, he’s up there in heaven now a lookin down on us, probably calling coyotes and wondering what’s the fuss, he’s chasing cats with his ole hound dogs, and learning not to cuss.

Whether it was logging, or irrigating at the Spur, checking all the headgates, or putting up some fur, he took time out for everyone. His passing came too soon, good lord we all will miss him, this man that we called Boone.

Robin Lee Blake “Boone” – June 16,1956 – February 1,2024. Encampment, WY. He graduated with honors from Encampment High school in 1974 spending one year at the university of Wyoming before returning home where he and his Grandpa Henry Herring took care of each other until 1997. Robin had a true love of nature, hunting, fishing, and running trap lines since he could walk. Anyone who knew Boone also knew of his wonderful stories, we spent many afternoons laughing to tears when he would start telling a story. He worked for the State of Wyoming as a water commissioner for 20+ yrs. also guiding hunters and running trap lines for local ranchers. He loved his family, especially the children. He is survived by his father Richard, brothers Mike and wife Katy, Jade, Travis and wife Cheryl, sister Pam and husband Rob, niece Christina, nephews Clinton (his Boone companion) and Eric and Ben Work.

Robin left us too soon from heart failure, he will be missed.


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