Place a Valentine in the Saratoga Sun

Last call for Kid’s Scoop sponsors

In next week’s Saratoga Sun - February 8 - we will have a special Valentine’s Day section. Send out a message to your special someone in the paper. This will be the same size as a small ad that you see around the paper; 2x2 and in full color. Add a heart, add a cupid, write a sonnet, for your wife, husband, sweetheart, boo, crush, kids, parents, grandparents, or anyone you choose. The Valentine’s Day ads are only $25-. We will need to have your order, with your personal message, by Monday, February 5 at 4:30 pm.

No doubt all of you have seen the feature called Kid’s Scoop. We have been carrying it in the Sun since last August in a full page, full color format. This feature is designed to get kid’s reading, and looking at the news with interest, all crafted around an activity in a fun format. Since September we have been trying to find sponsors for the Kid’s Scoop page. Unfortunately those efforts have not been successful. Our area is considerably smaller than many - even most - newspaper markets where Kid’s Scoop is carried. But, we do want to make one more effort at finding a company, organization or individual who would like to help bring this content to the community. If you would like to consider this please call or email the Sun for additional details. Without some level of sponsorship we will need to discontinue Kid’s Scoop at the end of February.


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