Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Show You Really Care

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let that special someone know how you feel about them. Whether it be a spouse, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or a best friend, let these thoughtful gift ideas show them how much you really care:

- A perfect brew: As most tea and coffee drinkers know, the ideal temperature beverage can be a fleeting thing, especially with all of life’s distractions and demands. That’s not the case with Nextmug, a gift that will spoil your Valentine with the perfect brew every time. This temperature-controlled, self-heating mug maintains a beverage at the user’s ideal temperature (warm at 130 degrees, hot at 140 degrees, and piping at 150 degrees) for hours using smart technology that requires no app or data-sharing. Stylish, ergonomic and simple to use, it eliminates the need to reheat a drink after ge...


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