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A big, big Thank You!

About seven years ago my wife and I were on a road trip up from Denver up to the Tetons and Yellowstone and on the way back, quite by accident discovered Saratoga. We knew immediately this was someplace very special. From the people we met in local stores and restaurants to folks hiking the trails in the Snowy’s, without exception everyone was friendly, helpful and kind. I have returned every year since for the fabulous fishing in the North Platte and the breathtaking - literally, for this sea-level Easterner! - scenery, wildlife and sense of peace and serenity that I feel when I look out over vistas that look as they have for millennia. I’ve also gotten to know people like Dan and Nancy Pont, owners of the Copperline Lodge who I am happy and proud to call close friends. I am a professional musician and guitar teacher and I knew the moment I walked into the Copperline and saw guitars hanging on the wall that this was “home.” The wonderful folks at Saratoga Sandwich Company, Phil McGrath, owner of Hack’s Tackle and his excellent team of guides have guided me to the best fly fishing for trout that I’ve experienced in my life. The friendly and welcoming ladies at the convenience store/gas stations in the middle of town, the superb Italian cuisine and knowledgeable wait staff at Bella’s Bistro, and so many more. I subscribe to the Saratoga Sun and will forever because I want to know more about the day to day goings-on in town, issues that are being faced but mostly because your newspaper captures the “vibe” of this so very special place that is your home. I am well aware that no place stays the same forever (nor should it in some ways) but I’m confident that my happy place, Saratoga, Wyoming will never lose its honest and welcoming way of life. So, thanks to all the wonderful folks I’ve met in Saratoga. I can’t wait to return next June!

Gene Bourque

Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts


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