Patriot's Pen essay

Why America Inspires Me

Since the beginning of America we have always been willing to fight for what we believe in. Starting from the patriots of the late 1700’s fighting the Red Coats to create a new home, to our military battling terrorists for the past twenty years, America has never failed to inspire me. To me, to be inspiring means that you are strong, independent, and brave. These are all qualities of America and that is why the U.S is an inspiration to me.

America is young but we are one of the most feared countries in the entire world. Even after our first days of freedom we were a powerful country. We persevered because of sheer will to live.

We have risen through the ranks of the world by fighting for what is right. Due to all of the willing veterans and those who are in uniform, and those who helped the U.S has done anything to help the U.S military, America is mighty. Even if you haven’t served in the military, you can help by simply voting for our next nation’s leader. You can make an impact.

After the tragedy of 9/11, we as a country united, no matter race or gender, we fought day and night. The U.S was able to come together and put aside our problems, and we were able to take down terrorists. Americans have always been willing to defend against those who oppose us. We have always been willing to fight for our rights and vindicate for what is right.

We will never let something go if it is right. As Americans we have not only stuck up for ourselves, we have as well stuck up for others. For example, the battle happening in Israel has been funded from the U.S. We have given them money, supplies, and given them a shoulder to lean on. We stick up for our allies, and we make sure that not only we are safe but that they are safe as well.

Although America has its struggles I love it and I always will. I have always been inspired by how powerful we are even though we are still fairly young. America has always been a formidable country and always will be a brave country, and I will do everything in my willing power to keep it independent.


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