The Best Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Have some teachers in your life? Use this subject-by-subject holiday gift guide to help them level up their lesson plans:



Spark a vibrant classroom discussion every day with the History Channel’s This Day in History boxed calendar. Featuring brief explanations of extraordinary happenings throughout the ages -- from groundbreaking inventions to declarations of war -- teachers, and their students -- will be treated to a breadth of information that can deepen their understanding of world events, all before they even begin their official coursework.



The latest enhancement to the scientific calculator is the fx-991CW ClassWiz from Casio, a gift well-suited for any advanced high school- or college-level math, science or engineering instructor. With an all-new quadruple graded LCD display and intuitive design, users will be able to easily find their cursor while writing and modifying expressions. Its circular, convex buttons prevent the mis-keying of information, helping teachers ace their lectures and demonstrations. With the ability to store up to nine variables, which can contain integers, computations, and functions that will persist in the calculator’s memory between uses, teachers will be ready to pick up where they left off between class sessions. By partnering the ClassWiz with an internet-capable mobile device, solutions can be graphed and visualized through, a free online tool that supports student learning by offering a clean and versatile workspace for computation, graphing, geometry, statistics and more.



Keep English teachers excited about their subject matter with Book of the Month. This service offers subscribers a choice of one of five to seven fiction books each month. Books range from literary fiction to thrillers and even YA to interest readers of all kinds. As the gift giver, you can choose between a 3-, 6- or 12-book membership, which recipients can receive at their own pace. Who knows? Your gift may just motivate them to create their own after school book club that will inspire their students to engage with literature on a deeper level.


Physical Education

Whether they’re running drills, refereeing the game or simply getting the class’s attention, your favorite PE teacher or team coach will feel their most official with a custom engraved whistle. Personalized with their name and favorite sport, they’ll feel both loved and appreciated on the court and field, and the results will show all season long.

This holiday season, get creative with your gift-giving, finding meaningful gifts for teachers who are passionate about what they do.



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