Saratoga Panthers outlasted in road contest

Niobrara 39, Saratoga 20

The Saratoga High School Panthers made the long road trip to Lusk for a 6:00p kickoff against Niobrara. The Tigers deploy a wide open passing attack and were able to outpace the visiting Panthers. Saratoga played hard led by Snowdon Williams on offense and Hazen Williams on the defensive side of the ball. Douglass Cambell was recognized by Coach Todd Weber for his solid efforts throughout the game.

Passing teams do tax the defense by requiring sustained effort on the pass rush, and running the DBs out on coverage on every down. “Fatigue caused a few mistakes in the second half, but overall we were very proud of our guys”, said Coach Weber. The team put together two sustained scoring drives and had an exciting touchdown pass from Jace Westring to Burris Burger. They converted one PAT attempt for two points. The Panthers will play the Homecoming game, Friday evening at 6:00p versus Guernsey.



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