Schneider Acquitted of All Charges

Verdict of not guilty in charges of delivery of a controlled substance, involuntary manslaughter delivered by jury after one hour of deliberation

The trial of Max Schneider came to an end late Thursday morning in Carbon County District Court as the 24-year-old Saratoga man was acquitted of all three charges he was facing.

Friends and family of Schneider, as well as Richard Heap and Megan Cassidee Wingo, appeared to wait for the verdict with bated breath. Arrested on February 17, Schneider was charged with one count of delivery of a controlled substance (fentanyl) and two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Heap and Wingo.

Following closing arguments from Schneider’s attorney, Vaughn Neubauer, and Carbon County Attorney Sarah Chavez Harkins, the jury deliberated for approximately an hour. The trial began on Monday morning with jury selection and continued through Monday afternoon and into Wednesday afternoon when the State of Wyoming rested its case.

The Saratoga Sun will have more details in the September 7 edition.


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