Must Love Dogs, Answer For Those Forgotten


August 31, 2023

Man’s best friend, giving people needed companionship and help even before the beginning of written history. Dogs and humans’ lives are so intertwined that it is hard to think about ourselves without a mention to our most loyal and salutary animal comrades. Dogs are companions, work partners, healers, and family members, but can still find themselves abandoned and without love.

Local Saratoga resident and veteran Theresa Ramsey has a soft spot for our furry four legged friends. Ramsey has seen the need for a program to help assist our K-9 companions with relocation and rehabilitation after being abandoned or losing their family. Ramsey has taken it upon herself to start an LLC that will facilitate the housing and rehoming of lost and forgotten Dogs. The LLC was named Must Love Dogs.

“I felt this connection with one animal and I wanted to do something about it,” said Ramsey.

Outside of Rawlins, most municipalities in our district do not operate facilities to deal with the increasing number of dogs in need of a home. Local law enforcement is the usual helping hand that deals with the issue of getting these unfortunate animals off the street, which not only can take away from more pressing duties but most departments don’t have a long term solution to the problem.

Ramsey proposes a collaboration with the Rawlins dog shelter to provide a more permanent solution for dog “refugees.” Although in its infancy, the goal is to help with funding and organizational efforts to make the process of dealing with dogs in need more streamlined while maintaining the costs.

Saratoga PD Chief Mike Morris is working with Ramsey on getting a memorandum of understanding (MOU) together to present to the Saratoga Council for review and approval. The goal is to get all the townships in Carbon County on the same page and provide the needed help.

Rawlins has a facility that can handle the housing of dogs long term but needs some needed updates to make the environment more conducive for rehabilitation for better odds of being rehoused. Ramsey said the first goal is to raise money for movable walls so the dogs can be separated and can have their own space. $3000 dollars is needed to obtain the walls.

A large part of the program will be to identify volunteers and foster homes to help with the Rehabilitation efforts. Ramsey would also like to take advantage of the program at the State Penitentiary that allows inmates time with dogs in the hope that they can restore them to good homes.

Must Love Dogs LLC will be 100% donation based with all proceeds going to the foundation. Ramsey would like to eventually open a shelter under the LLC.

Paypal and Venmo accounts have been set up for the public to donate to the cause. Donations can also be dropped off at Rawlins National Bank in person.


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