Grand Encampment Museum's newest exhibit

The Saratoga & Encampment (Slow and Easy) Caboose on display

This caboose was built about 1890 on the East Coast. It was purchased by the S&E RR in 1903 and served on that line from 1908 until 1928 when it was abandoned on a side track in Encampment. Eventually, it was moved to a residence in Riverside, Wyo., and used as storage and a workshop. In 2014, the Caboose was moved to the GEM grounds.

Over the years the unit has been renovated, the roof sealed, siding painted and replaced as necessary and a deck built in the fall of 2016. Exhibit and interpretive planning is completed.

The S&E Caboose Renovation Project is funded by donations, memorials, and g...


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