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I just finished reading the article about Never Forget Park and would like to offer comments and a suggestion. You stated that “there are individuals who have wanted to donate funds to the park but are hesitant because of how long the project has languished in the planning stages.”

Truer words have never been spoken! Personally, I think the amount of money invested in studies is abhorrent to most of us. How long must we study something and how much money must we spend?

It sounds like there is a plan for Never Forget Park. If we don’t have enough for the entire project, let’s do it in stages. Let’s start with a sprinkler system and planting some grass. Maybe place the flagpoles and leave room for benches (I know there is one for Freddie Williams that is just waiting for a spot), leave room for some flower beds, trees, etc. If we don’t get it paved right away, so be it. We’ve been parking there in the dirt for years and it hasn’t stopped anyone from using it.

I suspect that all those donors and volunteers who are currently hesitant to donate or volunteer will be much more willing once they see some progress.

I think there’s plenty of money for a sprinkler system, grass seed, and flagpoles. Maybe a few picnic tables as well. Let’s just start with the basics. The phrase “Build it and they will come,” seems appropriate for this project. Start building it and see what happens.


Connie Patterson

Saratoga WY


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