Raising the (hat) bar in Saratoga

StrongTower Designs celebrates 10 years, welcomes Palomino Hat Bar and Sophia Borg

“We’re not selling a cowboy hat, we’re selling a lifestyle.”

This seems to be the unofficial motto for Sophia Borg, owner of Palomino Hat Bar which recently opened inside of StrongTower Designs in Saratoga. On July 8, StrongTower Designs celebrated its 10th Anniversary and the grand opening of Borg’s business.

Western Roots,

Southern Charm

With her southern drawl and charm, Borg may seem like a transplant from the south but she is no stranger to Saratoga. The milliner, in fact, has deep roots in the Platte Valley.

“My family has been here for three generations. We have ranched out here, my mot...


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