Panthers pounce to number one

Saratoga clinches top spot in conference following wins in Farson, Cokeville

The Saratoga Panthers remain the team to beat in the 1A Southwest Conference, continuing their undefeated streak this past week with two conference wins. On Friday, Saratoga was hosted by the Farson-Eden Pronghorns for a close matchup. Then, on Saturday, Saratoga faced their Panther rivals leaving Cokeville in a double-digit deficit.

Panthers vs. Pronghorns

“Farson came to play. They really wanted to beat us,” said Head Coach Jason Williams. “Frankly, they were more ready for the game than we were.”

When Saratoga hosted the Pronghorns on January 21, the Panther had easily dispatched Farson-Ede...


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