Mountain lion spotted in town

Sightings at the hot pool launch a search


February 9, 2023

Saratoga Police Department received a report of a mountain lion sighting at the hot pools on Wednesday, February 1. . Saratoga Police Chief Mike Morris said that a dead deer was reported near the hot pools before the sighting of the lion. Wyoming Game and Fish was notified and removed the deer which showed some evidence of possible lion activity. Although law enforcement never spotted the lion, Chief Morris said they did find paw prints in the snow. They followed the tracks to no avail. Chief Morris then contacted Game and Fish and asked that they remove the mountain lion, either by trapping, tranquilizing it, or by other means. Morris said that given the fact that the lion was near an area used regularly by the public it is concerning, especially since mountain lions are generally nocturnal. Searchers hunted into the late afternoon but lost daylight. Carbon County Office of Emergency Management (CCOEM) was contacted to deploy their infrared-equipped drone. CCOEM Coordinator Lenny Layman brought their drone to Saratoga. Sheriff’s Deputy Sargent John Moore piloted the drone, however, the animal was never detected.

Chief Morris emphasized that their department only received one emergency call about the mountain lion. He said when officers arrived at the hot pool, several people reported they had sighted more than one lion in the area but had not reported it.

Morris said it is likely the weather that has pushed many animals, including prey animals into town. Morris asked the public to call emergency responders if they see the mountain lion. He also reiterated that no one should try to approach the animal under any circumstances. The lion has not been captured to date.


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