Brand New Year, Same Old Trash Talk

Rawlins City Council tables, denies waste hauler license applications for Wyoming Waste and Dirty Boyz

For at least the first three days of the New Year, Rawlins residents will be stuck with their municipal solid waste.

On December 20, the Rawlins City Council voted 4-2-1 to table Wyoming Waste Connections’ application for a waste hauler license while a similar application from Dirt Boyz Sanitation (Dirty Boyz) was denied on a vote of 2-4-1. The decision, at least for Dirty Boyz, will likely lead to Rose Cain, the owner of the company, and the City of Rawlins to square off in the courts for the third time in five years.

Insufficient Funds

At the final meeting of the governing body for 2022, the...


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