Gift wrapping by donation

SMHS Drama Club hopes to raise money to fund next performance

The SMHS Drama Club held a fundraiser Friday and Saturday at the high school. Drama Club organizer, Marie Christen and Kathy Fairbank–costumer, were there to supervise, but the kids were doing the wrapping.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is their next production. The performance will be April 28, 29 and 30, 2023. The performance is free and includes snacks and refreshments. The main roles have been auditioned and assigned to middle and high school students. Kira Beach will be the narrator and Emma Vannett will be Willy Wonka.

There are approximately 22 kids in Drama Club at this time including the towns of Hanna, Encampment, Saratoga and home schooled kids.

The minor roles, including oompa loomas, will be available for audition about a month out from the performance. Christen said her plan is to open these roles up to the younger kids.


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