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My Pledge to Honor Our Veterans

VFW Essay Winner

by Raden Miller

As the door of a shiny C-130 lays down, 100 battle-worn troops are rushed by their weeping families. These soldiers have braved the worst and withstood the hardest times. What they do will never be forgotten. As American citizens, we must do our part to honor the courageous souls who have served. We need to pledge our allegiance and show veterans the gratitude they deserve.

My parents and grandparents have served this great land and now they’re teaching me. As today becomes tomorrow, I follow in their footsteps, learning more about being a good American and honoring the Veterans. They have taught me the true meaning of a Veteran’s work. Veterans are the reason we have “one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. I pledge to keep our “land of the free’’ protected and defended at all costs. I will respect the Veterans of this great nation, showing my gratitude by living the great life they have given me.

Our Veterans risked their lives so all Americans can have the benefits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They continue to grant us freedom with every new day. The US military is the reason that we stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. They’re the reason why we take off our hats, put our hands on our hearts, and sing about our wonderful country. Without the Veterans, I wouldn’t have the privilege to write this essay. So in turn, I make smart decisions, am a good citizen, and stand up for my beliefs, never taking my freedom for granted. I never take my Christian foundation and religious freedom of our country for granted either. Every day I do my very best to honor and serve my community and state, like veterans did for America. If I was needed, I would drop whatever I’m doing to stand by my country’s side as a U.S. soldier.

The Founding Fathers built a country far better than anyone had before. When they signed the document that would forge a new nation, they gave all their dedication. In our Forefathers’ honor, the Veterans have continued the work, risking their lives so we can live in freedom. In their honor, my pledge to America’s Veterans is to be the best American I can be while defending this great nation.


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