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Grants and resolutions top the list

Carbon County Commissioners recognize those who serve their community


November 10, 2022

At the November 1, 2022 Carbon County Commissioners meeting Carbon County Clerk Gwynn Bartlett recognized several staff members for their service to Carbon County: Jody Deist-Fairhurst for 18 years of service who works at the Clerk of District Court; Mark Wagner in Road and Bridge–for 18 years of service; Brynna Grundman of the Sheriff’s Office for 8 years of service; Julie Webb with Buildings and Grounds for 6 years of service; Ben Opfar for 4 years of service.

Lenny Layman, Emergency Management Coordinator, gave an update to the Commissioners concerning the Saratoga Encampment Riverside Conservation District/Boozer Creek project. Layman said that there was a challenge from the state of Wyoming saying that Carbon County wasn’t compliant in the hazard mitigation plan due to signatures missing on paperwork. Layman said they are working on an amendment to make the Conservation District compliant. He has a contingency plan if this doesn’t work.

Layman asked for renewal of the Salamander, Konexus/AlertSense, Futurity/Orion Mobile and All Traffic Solutions/Traffic Cloud renewals/agreements. Layman also asked for a signature on the Homeland Security Grant Award Agreement for AED’s, the motion was approved.

Vigilant Guard 2023 was presented by Major Oswald, Wyoming National Guard. Vigilant Guard is an annual all-hazards exercise. Oswald came before the Commissioners to present details about the program and explain the purpose. The exercise will be in June 12-15, 2023.

Carbon County Fire Warden John Rutherford recognized Fire Chief Henry Hucke for 44 years of service. Hucke started his career in 1978 in Baggs, Wyoming. He made Chief in 1984 and wrote grants, making huge strides in getting the station the equipment needed. Rutherford presented Hucke with a plaque in honor of his service to Baggs and Carbon County Fire Department.

Public Health Nurse Amanda Brown and Dr. Duane Abels gave an update of Memorial Hospital Carbon County. They gave approximately 800 vaccinations over the last month, for flu and COVID. Continuing Wednesday clinics in Rawlins for vaccinations. They still have primary and booster vaccines for COVID. Brown advised the Commissioners that they are seeing record high numbers for flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in neighboring states which is concerning because it’s still early in the flu season. There hasn’t been any local activity of Monkey Pox.

Building and Grounds Director Mike Newbrough presented the Memorandum of Understanding between Carbon County and the City of Rawlins for snow removal, for Chairman John Johnston’s signature. Approved.

Road and Bridge Coordinator Kandis Fritz presented the Road Use Agreement - Rock Creek Wind for approval. Motion made and approved for Chairman’s signature.

Fritz told the Commissioners that Road and Bridge received an high risk rural roads (HRR) grant for $100,000 to help pay for center line stripe on Seminoe Road.

Traffic counts on County Road 401 show that the average daily number of vehicles in October was 170. Opening morning of Elk was 300 vehicles per day.

Planning and Zoning public hearing for MIN SUB Case #2022-05-Powell Minor Subdivision - covenants were revised to reflect wildlife fencing, rather no fencing. Land owner also adopted different language that would allow for 4H Projects and those types of things. Authorization to sign case 2022-05 was approved.

South Central Wyoming Emergency Services Director Stayton Mosbey asked the commissioners to make changes to Gateway South impact assistance funds so that they can purchase some equipment. The motion was approved.

Mosbey presented a resolution for grant application through WY Department of Health for education and two quick response vehicles. They are asking for $166,000 to pay for two EMT certifications and two SUV quick response vehicles. Authorization for Chairman’s signature was approved by Commissioners.

Carbon County Clerk Gwynn Bartlett presented the Commissioners with Randy Sikes resignation from the South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Board. Resignation accepted and to advertise for the position.

Bartlett asked for authorization to sign an agreement for sale of two properties owned by the county, it was approved.

The next Carbon County Commissioners meeting will be November 15, at 9 am at the Carbon Building-Courthouse Annex, Rawlins, WY


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