Smoked pulled pork on a bun at October 3, 'Gather at the Table'

Smoked pulled pork on a bun with choice of BBQ sauce, plus all the trimmings, will be featured as everyone is invited to “Gathers at the Table” Monday, Oct. 3rd, between 4:00 and 6:30 p.m. in the Saratoga Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, corner of 3rd & Bridge Sts.

The free meal, compliments of the “Gather at the Table” committee, will also be served with coleslaw, baked beans, dessert and a drink, along with a table full of fellowship.

No reservations are needed and no restrictions apply. Folks just need to show up.

“Gather at the Table” is a non-profit charity extension of the First Presbyterian Church of Saratoga. Its mission is to provide a welcoming meal to anyone who desires fellowship in and around this community.

Meals are prepared and served buffet style by volunteers in order to provide families and individuals a free hot meal once a month in order to “fulfill a physical and spiritual hunger by reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ with love and openness through serving others,” according to a recent press release.

Volunteers will also be available to serve those who are unable to serve themselves due to physical limitations.


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