Rattlers keep chomping

LSRV has an impressive win against Dubois

The Little Snake River Valley (LSRV) Rattler High School football team took on a team this week which is solid and won. The Dubois Rams are in the 6-man South conference and had been undefeated until they met the fangs of the Rattlers. The score ended with LSRV getting 44 points and Dubois 28.

“It was 45 degrees and cold,” Head Coach Jack Cobb said. “But it was a very good win for us.”

Kannadis Peroulis had a very strong showing rushing for 273 yards and three touchdowns. Hadley Myers rushed for 155 yards and one touchdown.

Seth Maxson had a receiving touchdown and Bridger Cozzens had four conversions to score 8 points.

Quarterback Zane Matheson passed to Maxson for a touchdown.

Myers had a kickoff return of 77 yards to score a touchdown.

On defense Myers had 18 tackles and Maxson had 17 tackles.

Isaiah Sklaberg had the only sack tor the Rattlers.

LSRV was never in danger of losing the game from the start.

The first quarter the Rattler defense allowed no points, while the offense went on a bit of a tear scoring 16 points. The second quarter the Rams got on the board with 8 points, but the Rattlers also scored 8 points making the halftime score 24 to 8 in favor of the Rattlers.The third quarter the LSRV team scored 14 points while Dubois only managed to get 6 points. The last quarter the Rams scored 14 to the Rattlers 6 points, but the dye was cast. The Rattlers won the game.

Their next game will be a conference game at home against the Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) Miners on September 17.


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