Nancy L. Facciani


September 1, 2022

Nancy L. Facciani, age 76, of Saratoga, Wyoming passed away on August 21, 2022. Nancy was born in Fresno, California on March 7, 1946, to Theresa and Ernest Cerutti. She was an only child.

Nancy attended grade school in Easton, California, and high school and college in Fresno. Her parents had a small farm/ranch in Easton, where she had numerous pets, i.e., horses, cats, dogs, chickens, and a pig named Grumpy that ran away every time she was supposed to go to accordion lessons. She loved the outdoors, especially horseback riding and kittens.

Nancy and her dear Steve met at Fresno State College in 1965; however, Steve and his brother used to sit behind her family at church several years before they met formally. They were married in 1968 at St John's Cathedral in Fresno. A wonderful celebration followed that lasted the rest of their lives.

Steve and Nancy moved to Casper, Wyoming where they began their lives together. Steve worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Nancy worked for an attorney firm. Daughter Theresa was born in Casper. After 7 years Steve was promoted and they moved to Cheyenne, where Nancy worked, mostly part time, for the State of Wyoming. Their daughter Mary was born in Cheyenne. Both Theresa and Mary attended school in Cheyenne and the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Daughter, Theresa, was married to our dear Greg Kuhn on July 3, 1999. Such a happy and wonderful occasion. She continued on to her master's as an orthopedic nurse practitioner as CSU Pueblo and Greg is in management at the Pueblo Steel Mill. Our dear grandsons, Luke (Superman) and Jacob (Captain America) are the light of our lives and we all visited as often as possible.

In about 1998, Nancy was in a snowmobile accident that altered her life, so in 2001, when Steve retired, Nancy retired also. In 2006 they sold their home in Cheyenne, retiring to Saratoga, downsizing exponentially into a small townhouse. They also built a home on 3 acres next to their daughter, Theresa, and her family, in Pueblo West, Colorado. Thus began the November exodus to Pueblo and the Easter return to Saratoga that she and Steve enjoyed every year.


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