Hungry, lonely, physically limited invited to Gather at the Table August 2

Anyone who is hungry, lonely, physically limited or just wishing for companionship is invited to enjoy a free hot meal Tuesday, Aug. 2, between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. in the Saratoga Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, corner of 3rd & Bridge Sts., compliments of the newly organized “Gather at the Table” committee.

No reservations are needed and no restrictions apply. Folks just need to show up.

“Gather at the Table” is a non-profit charity extension of the First Presbyterian Church of Saratoga. Its mission is to provide a welcoming meal to anyone who desires fellowship in and around this community.

Meals will be prepared and served buffet style by volunteers in order to provide families and individuals a free hot meal once a month in order to “fulfill a physical and spiritual hunger by reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ with love and openness through serving others,” according to a recent press release.

Volunteers will also be available to serve those who are unable to serve themselves due physical limitations.

For additional information contact Becky Strickland at 307-723-7305 or Lori Erhart at 307-345-0365.


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