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Carbon County Museum looking for new director, hopes to work with other museums in county


Mike Armstrong

From left, Ashley James, Kelia McCuddy and Ken Klouda are all proud of what the Carbon County Museum has to offer to partrons and other museums in the county.

The Carbon County Museum is looking for a new director.

Steven Dinero recently left the position and David Throngmorton is serving as the interim director.

Ken Klouda, chairman of the Carbon County Museu Board, said there is an aggressive push by the board to find the right person.

Klouda acknowledges the Carbon County Museum must find a person who is inclusive and willing to work with the other museums in Carbon County.

"It has never been the intention of the Carbon County Museum to stand alone as the only museum to visit in Carbon County," Klouda said. "It is a simple requirement we want to happen with the new director. This individual will be expected to collaborate with the other museums in the county. Whether we are talking about the museums in the north, in the Valley, Little Snake River or down the street with the Old Pen. My thought is we can't go it alone and we should support each other."

Klouda said given the rich history of Carbon County and how unique each museum is for visitors to see, he believes there should be a cross sell of all the museums.

"Each place with a museum in Carbon County has a symmetry on how the communities worked with each other as time marched on back in the day," Klouda said. "Now in a lot of these places, all we have is the museums that recount this history and time. All the museums should know what the other museums are doing whether it is an exhibition or it is just to lend a helping hand."

The Carbon County Museum has been given several artifacts related to the railroad and this personally pleases Klouda.

"Ricky Durant collected memorabilia from railroads and was a member of the board on the Council Bluffs Museum," Klouda said. "He got in contact with us about us wanting some of these artifacts. We said yes and he sent three trucks with railroad stuff. Other museums should know we are this resource."

Klouda would like the new director not only to work with the other museums, but also look into the Hispanic community's historical contributions with the railroad, sheep raising and ranching.

"I hope we bring it forth," Klouda said. "Museums should represent culture and history from all segments of a community."

Klouda said, as the museums work more closely, borrowing and lending exhibits should be considered.

"We know there is some fence mending with the other museums, but all the the museums in Carbon County need to be cheerleaders for each other because this county is steeped in history," Klouda said. "This board at the Carbon County Museum want and need a director who understands this unequivocally because there are nine museums and nine stories to tell."

Klouda might have been born in Laramie, but his heart is in Rawlins. His father worked for the railroad and brought the family to Rawlins. Klouda worked for the Rawlins Times for a little while and can read upside down due to making sure linotypes were correct. Later he worked for the railroad and he made his home in Carbon County, mostly in Rawlins.

He said his wife Lynda swore never to marry a railroad man and never live in Rawlins. Klouda said she broke her promises to herself and has enjoyed being a part of the community.

"Being a part of a community is rewarding in many ways," Klouda said. "The Carbon County Museum's board wants this museum to band together with the other museums and work for common causes when we can. By doing this, museums on the whole, tell the visitor a better story of Carbon County."

He said it was important the Carbon County Museum be a part of the solution to have all the museums work together and not be a part of the problem preventing such opportunities.

"Dave is doing a wonderful job until we find the right person," Klouda said. "This person is out there, we just have to find them. I have all the confidence our Carbon County Museum Board will do just that."


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