Pesky perch to perish

WGFD to hold meeting on Saratoga Lake treatment of yellow perch introduction

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) will be holding an informational meeting in Saratoga on June 9 regarding their plans to address illegally-stocked yellow perch in Saratoga Lake.

In 2021, the WGFD discovered yellow perch had been introduced to Saratoga Lake, which is maintained by the state department as a trout fishery. During the 39th Annual Saratoga Lake Ice Fishing Derby, a number of the non-native fish species were caught by ice anglers over the weekend (see “Problematic Perch” on page 1 of the February 2, 2022 Saratoga Sun). According to Chance Kirkeeng, the WGFD Laramie...


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