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Summer is just around the corner


With school finishing up and the weather getting warm summer is preparing to make an appearance in The Valley. I wouldn’t say the busiest time of year, yet there’s certainly a lot of fun to be had. The nice weather can make just about anyone want to get outside. Lemonade stands are popping up all over the valley and late spring sports are in full swing. Exciting activities are some of the best parts of summer. Outdoor recipes are also one fun way to spend summer. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cut grass and barbecue on a summer evening. Though Wyoming has a short growing season it doesn’t seem to stop the community in the valley from taking on many gardening projects. From flower beds to urban farms there are many yards in the valley full of gardening expertise. Statewide events like free fishing day on June 4th and multiple local events are another way to enjoy the season. Even a simple movie night with popcorn at home can turn into an unforgettable memory for your family or friends this summer.

Many lemonade stands pop up over the valley during this time of year. For just about a dollar you can make some children’s day and possibly their whole summer. Those summer memories tend to taste just a little bit sweeter in adulthood. Taking ten minutes to buy some lemonade can brighten everyone’s day involved. Is there a summer memory you will always remember?

With the weather heating up not many people want to be inside cooking over a hot oven or stove. One way to beat the heat and get a delicious meal is outdoor cooking. Cooking outside is not only fun but can add exceptional flavor to any dish. Barbecues are some of the best parties with the best food. Another fun way to cook outside is by smoker. Though it takes a lot of time you can smoke just about any dish you can think of. If you’re looking for a little smokey flavor but a faster cooking time you can always cook by campfire as well. Just be sure to follow all town ordinances and burn bans in the area.

Speaking of tasty food, many locals grow their own produce during this time of year. Though Wyoming may have a short growing season it doesn’t have a shortage of gardeners. Some folks grow flowers and some grow food. Some use a greenhouse and some just use the front porch. No matter your gardening style Wyoming gardeners are a special breed. Growing anything outside in our area comes with more challenges than can be listed here. Many community gardens and greenhouses can offer expert advice for the newbie interested in starting a garden.

If you have a hankering to fish then you had better grab your poles on June 4th. It’s Wyoming free fishing day and what better excuse to soak up some sun and hopefully catch a fish or two. If you have little ones it’s a great chance to teach them about fishing and relax by the water. I know many of my favorite summer memories are fishing with my grandfather. Thanks to spending time on the boat or near the water with my grandfather I learned how to bait a hook and take a fish off all by myself before I was 4 years old. It also taught me a respect for the water and I was able to gain some strong swimming skills. Free fishing day could be the beginning of a new fun family hobby.

While our valley has many sponsored events throughout the summer sometimes its can be nice to take it easy. A summer movie night can be one easy way to take a break from the busy season. A little popcorn and candy can turn a regular movie into an in-home theater experience. If you’re feeling really wild you can even move the party outside. You don’t have to have a whole projector set up for an outdoor movie. An extension cord, table, comfy chairs and blankets can easily turn your yard or porch into your very own drive in theater.

The summer season is one of many activities in the valley. With lots of fun to be had there are lots of wonderful memories to be made. Have a good time this summer in the good times valley.


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