New face for MedBow public works

Mayor Biamon swears in Hayden Bricker as new public works director

Mayor Sharon Biamon called the Medicine Bow Town Council meeting to order at 7 p.m. on January 10 at the Medicine Bow Community Hall.  Councilmembers Lucinda Schofield, Cynthia Chace, and Sharon Kahl. Others present were Town Clerk/Treasurer Karen R. Heath, Acting Public Works Director Hayden Bricker, Town Marshal David Redding, and Fire Chief Robert Maddox. 

Heath read the bills to be ratified. Kahl asked where the Chase bil credit card was. Heath said an amount was reimbursed which took care of the bill this month so there was nothing to pay.  L.N. Curtis and Sons had reimbursed the fi...


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