Friends and Fun make the Valley

Attending a Polka Dance may not be what one thinks of as an exciting time. The Platte Valley Arts Council truly made it an event Saturday night. Though it wouldn’t be considered a high turnout the band and the crowd really had some chemistry. A drinking game certainly isn’t what I expected out of the night, neither was being welcomed with open arms by everyone I encountered.

The folks in our little Valley really have a way of making everyone feel so welcome no matter who you are or where you come from. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who’s told me Polka is their favorite kind of music. However, talk about an infectious sound.

The Hof Band was incredibly talented and made Polka modern and exciting somehow. A song about pierogies inspired at least one dinner the night after! After noticing somewhat of a low turnout, the band initiated a drinking game. Every time someone said “Polka” it was time to take a drink and, boy, was that a hit.

Though I wouldn’t call the group of guests heavy partiers, they certainly gave the band a run for their money. Drinking and dancing isn’t exactly what I had planned for the night, but it’s hard to say no to such a fun crowd. It’s easy to see why the Valley got its nickname of “The Good Times Valley”. Good times are certainly around every corner with such great people and wonderful events held often.

Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, Saturday’s Polka dance was a highlight of my week. Though this year had small numbers, I truly hope the Platte Valley Arts Council continues to hold similar events in the future.I also have that The Hof Band will grace us with their talent at another live music event.

Speaking of being welcomed everywhere, I was welcomed with open arms and a cheer to my name at the tractor pull event the next day. If you’re like me and have never been to one, it was a learning experience.

Any tractor engine 1970 and older is welcome to join the club and participate in their events. I was also told you don’t even have to own a tractor to join the tractor club. If you have a grandchild or little one who’s really into tractors and farm equipment, it might make a really cool gift to make them a member of an actual tractor club.

Though too young yet to participate in events, being able to go and learn about the older farm equipment with a loved one would prove a long lasting memory. Once they are able to participate in events, that is when the heat really is on. Seen by this weekend’s pull there were fathers and daughters competing against each other and even granddaughters and grandfather’s going head to head. Everyone loves the little friendly competition!

This weekend’s events were just one example of how the Valley shows little sign of slowing down even as winter approaches. With only a few short months of summer, the locals have no problem with a little rain or slight chill in the air. The work doesn’t stop in Wyoming. As a relative used to say, “Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean the cows ain’t hungry”. Just as the work never stops, neither does the fun! Though the Copper Days Festival is an end of summer event between sports and other events there’s no sign of slowing down as the snowy days start looming over our warmer weather.


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