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JaJaCa Properties requests tabling of RV park discussions in letter to Saratoga Planning Commission

Saratoga may not be getting a new recreational vehicle (RV) park after all. 

Jimmy and Jamie Campbell, owners of JaJaCa Properties, have been attempting to build an RV park along Wyoming Highway 130 but have faced several roadblocks along the way. 

At the June Saratoga Planning Commission meeting, they were attempting to make RV parks a permitted use under Highway Business (see “Deal or no deal” on page 1 of the June 16 Saratoga Sun).  After the July meeting, it seems JaJaCa Properties has thrown in the towel for good. 

The Saratoga Planning Commission read a letter from JaJaCa Properties during the July 13 meeting. The letter discussed the water rights on the property, and the relationship to John and Cathy MacPherson’s One Pine Ranch. 

“In the past nine months we have done nothing to interfere with One Pine Ranch’s water or their access,” the letter read. 

The letter further detailed some of the history of the development, and work they had done on the property.  

“We no longer feel an investment the size of an RV Park is sensible at this time.  We are asking the Saratoga Planning Board to table any discussion of JaJaCa Properties and an RV Park indefinitely,” the letter concluded.  

The MacPhersons were also at the meeting.  J. MacPherson spoke to the commission regarding a proposal they had sent the Campbells which was not accepted.

“We stand by our proposal as made in our memorandum.  We are willing to pay for the culverts that we feel are necessary to protect our property rights,” said J. MacPherson.

He apologized to the commission and to the Saratoga Town Council for the awkward position they put them in.  

The commission began discussion on the letter later in the evening.  Commission member Lindy Glode started the conversation. 

“I felt like we were trying to circumvent an ordinance that wasn’t really a problem,” she said. 

She explained that she felt the RV park ordinance wasn’t a problem at the moment.  

Audience member Randy Raymer disagreed with Glode.  He stated RV parks can bring a lot of business to a town and can be great assets.

“I feel like we should be ahead of the game instead of always playing behind,” he stated. 

He explained the RV park ordinance deserves some discussion by the community.  

Chairman Tom Westring stated nobody on the commission disagrees with RV parks.  He added they didn’t have an RV park ordinance until four years ago.  Mayor Creed James further explained there are processes currently in place to build an RV park.  He explained some of the discussion which occurred in the last meeting with minimum acreage.

James also stated the issues with neighboring landowners would have been there whether it was a specially permitted use or a permitted use.  Raymer stated the process of changing the ordinance should continue.  

The commission agreed they did not want to indefinitely table talk of the RV park ordinance, as they wish to update the ordinance in the future.  A motion was made to table any talk of moving RV parks into permitted use under Highway Business in regards to JaJaCa properties.  The motion passed.  The next Saratoga Planning Commission meeting will be on August 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the Saratoga Town Hall.


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